Islam: Allah is One and Christ was Just a Prophet

Here is a heavy topic for our conversation concerning world religions. Any viewing of the news is pregnant with the fact that Islam is a very controversial topic. So what is Islam? What are their beliefs? Can Christians and Muslims peacefully coexist? Hopefully we can answer some of these questions here.

Islam has gained thousands of converts in North America, especially among many professional athletes. It is the youngest among major world religions but it is still one of the largest. It is so missionary-minded that it is seeking to convert western countries, not just African and Asian countries, and it claims 1 billion followers in countries around the world. Islam originated in what is now Saudi Arabia. The country which boasts of the most Muslims – 120 million – is Indonesia. There are millions more in parts of Eastern and Western Europe and in the Americas. To put it differently, 1 out of 6 people on earth subscribes to Islam.

A brief history: Mohammed, born in Arabia, city of Mecca, A.D. 570. His parents died when he was young. His uncle, Abu Talid took him in at age nine. He held a strong belief in monotheism (one God), and it is believed he absorbed much of his teaching from the Talmud. Although, it is unlikely he learned about “the one true God” from anyone who understood the Bible. Mohammed developed the Qur’an (Koran) – holy book of Islam. Mohammed was married to a woman 15 years older than himself. She bore him several children. He spent much of his marriage in solitary meditation.

According to Islamic legend, the archangel Gabriel came to Mohammed, 40, in a cave on Mount Hira near Mecca. “Read in the name of thy Lord,” he said, and instructed Mohammed to to teach by the pen as the Lord did.

Because Mohammed couldn’t read or write, the Qur’an is his reciting of revelations given to him. Mohammed preached in the market places in Mecca. He never claimed to be divine but insisted that Allah had called him to be a prophet. He hated the idolatry and immorality of Arabs who lorded their riches over the poor.

On July 16, 622, Mohammed fled to Yathrib, a friendlier city to the north where he became the religious and political leader of the city. Soon Meccans organized an army to destroy Mohammed and his followers. The fight ended in 630, with Islamic forces triumphant. Mohammed destroyed every idol in Mecca’s main temple or, Kaaba, except the Black Stone (a sacred meteorite enshrined there). Mohammed declared Kaaba to be the most holy shrine in Islam. That is where Muslims direct their prayers. During the next 2 years Mohammed strengthened his position as the leading prophet and ruler of Arabia. He united tribes into a vast army to conquer the world for Allah. He died in 632.

The Qur’an is 4/5ths the length of the New Testament. It includes 114 Surahs (chapters). In it, the ideas are credited to God, but dictated by Mohammed from his disciples who heard his oral teachings. Muslims claim that it is copied from an original in Arabic, which is in Heaven.

Here are the six doctrines of Islam which every Muslim is required to believe:

God – There is only one true God, Allah. He is all-seeing, all-knowing, all powerful.

Angels – The chief angel is Gabriel. There are two fallen angels named Shaitan and Jinns, whom are demons.

Scripture – The are four God-inspired books: The Torah, the Zabur ( the Psalms of David), the Injil (Gospel of Jesus), and the Qur’an. But Muslims believe that Jews and Christians corrupted their scriptures. So the Qur’an is Allah’s final word to mankind. It overrules previous writings.

Mohammed – The Qur’an lists 28 prophets. Last and greatest is Mohammed.

The end times – On the last day the dead will be resurrected. Allah will be judge and everyone sent to Heaven (sensual pleasure) or Hell (for those who oppose Allah and his prophet Mohammed).

Predestination (aka kismet) – The doctrine of fate. “If it is Allah’s will.” God has determined what he pleases and no one can change what he has decreed.

How the Qur’an contradicts the Bible:

  • God is one, period. Anyone who subscribes partners is committing the sin of Shirk. This is directed against the Trinity and that Jesus is God.
  • Allah is transcendent (all powerful) and relatively impersonal. The name “Father” is omitted to avoid the idea of Father and Son, and a personal Father, as the Bible boasts so proudly of.
  • The Qur’an denies that Jesus is the Son of God. He is ranked far bellow Mohammed.
  • The Qur’an says that Christ never died on the cross. Muslims say Judas died on the cross. Everyone was fooled! (Or it was Simon of Cyrene.) Or Jesus was taken down in a comma and He later revived and traveled elsewhere where He died.
  • Surah declares that each person must take care of his or her own sins. Earn salvation by following the 5 Pillars. If he doesn’t make it, that’s his own fault. “Whoever goes astray, he himself bears the whole responsibility of wandering” (Surrah 10:109). Like Judaism, Islam places on each person a terrible burden of responsibility. This is directly contradictory to what God the Father says about our sins. We can’t deal with the punishment of our sin without relying on the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus’ Gospel is less burdensome than Mohammed’s, and praise the Lord for that!
  • In regards to sin, humans are born with hearts that are clean slates. Sins can be overcome by acts of the will. The Bible teaches that we are all born with evil hearts and that only the power of Christ’s death and resurrection can empower us to overcome sin.
  • Regarding salvation, Allah doesn’t love those who do wrong, and each person must earn his or her own salvation. The Bible teaches clearly that God loves the world and everyone in it, and that no one can earn their own salvation. Instead, each person must put their trust in His Son Jesus Christ if he or she wants salvation from their sins.

Loving in the West, Oppressive in the East

It is easy for us in America to accept Islam as a peaceful religion. Islam in the west is often identified with love, tolerance and justice. But in the east, Islam is political. Everyone in Islamic societies, including non-Muslims, must conform to Islamic laws, economics, politics and customs or suffer heavy consequences.

Historically, in countries where Islam is strong in political power, people of all rival religions are either wiped out or, in the interest of “tolerance” and “open-mindedness,” permitted to exist as second-class citizens. Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries, though not all. This is part of an effort to force people to submit to Allah. For instance, right now in Sudan, thousands of black Christians are enslaved to Muslim Arabs. The Qur’an gives them the right to make slaves out of “infidels.” The Islamic law is most strict in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is more lenient in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Muslims in the West enjoy freedom and democracy. They are protected by legal status as the minority.

In 1,500 years of Islamic history, it has yet to be proven that democratic values and Islam can comfortably coexist. Islam is a religion of self-reliance and self-effort.

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59 thoughts on “Islam: Allah is One and Christ was Just a Prophet

  1. I lived in the Middle East for twenty-three years and spent a great deal of that time in the Israeli military and in private and government security. During those years I worked with, studied with and spoke with many, many people, Muslim, Christian and Jewish about Islam and it’s beliefs, goals and culture. From my experience and my studies in Islam I come to agree with many of these people – Muslim, Christian and Jewish, that Islam is and always has been a religion of conquest and domination. The word “Islam” means “Submission” in all its forms. Both a submission to the word of Allah as transmitted through the Qur’an and the Muslim teachers who interpret it and submission to the Muslim rulers of the land in which you live. Complete submission, James, in everything.

    While Islam is accepted as a world religion, I very much doubt religion as the Western world understands the term was ever much in the mind of Muhammad when he developed and propagated it. Islam is a tool used to maintain control over an army. It does enforce control over every aspect of an individuals life and the lives of those who fall under the heel of Muslim conquerors. It is not a pretty sight at all.

    I do not care for the mis-interpretation of Western governments, political and religious leaders who prate day and night that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. That is a lie, and it holds disastrous consequences if only because it allows people to fall into a false state of complacency.

    There is nothing ‘peaceful’ about Islam. Quite the opposite.


    1. …submission to the Muslim rulers of the land? Where in Islam did Gary Showalter get that from? Islam enjoins its adherents to respect and follow leaders or rulers ONLY where the rulers follow the Qur’an and Hadith (which is explanations by the Prophet) to the letter. Islam (Salam or Shalom) means PEACE. James, this fela must have studied from adulterated sources which abound to misrepresent Islam. But rest assured Allah (SWT) will protect His religion. This is what no man can do nothing about.


      1. You twist my words, Mamman. I said precisely the same thing you did; to whit, adherents of Islam are bound to follow their Muslim leaders. Yet, you imply that I must have studied from adulterated sources. Since you and I agree very nearly to the letter, perhaps we studied the very same texts. I spent over ten years studying Islam, with Muslims, in the Middle East, including members of Hamas. Islam is a religion of conquest; While Muhammads first revelations were of peace (the Suras of Peace) until the Jews of Mecca refused to join with him, it is not a religion of peace. The “Suras of peace” are in abeyance; every imam will say so. The “Suras of War”, revealed following the refusal of the Jews to join with Muhammad, rule the behaviour of Muslims in every place today, whether they live in “Dar al islam” (the House of Islam, meaning Muslim lands) or “Dar al harb” (the House of War, meaning where Muslims do not yet rule).


  2. It’s a heavy topic to be sure and you have done a good job summarizing it. I find it difficult to understand a religion whose “prophet/leader” used military force to gain power. I also find it difficult to understand following a religion whereby salvation must be earned. In answer to your final question, I have no desire to be a god.


  3. Thank you for following my blog. I am just getting started (3 days) so I have a long way to go to get to your level. Enjoyed several of your articles and wish you luck in your adoption process. I have friends (a doctor and his wife) that adopted 3 children from eastern europe. It took a long time but it was definitely worth the wait.


  4. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed browsing through your many wonderful blog posts and this one on Islam is interesting since I’ve been doing some reading on the Muslim religion. I’m glad you pointed out that here in the west, Muslims enjoy democracy and protection while the situation is not the same in the Middle East.


  5. I now know more about Islam than I ever have. Thanks for the succinct summary. I have no desire to become a god; trying to life a godly life is already keeping me pretty busy lol! good luck with your novel.


  6. Very nice post. I learned a great deal and appreciate the comparisons. We should look as you did at what makes us similar not different, while at the same time respecting those differences. Well done.


  7. The point you made about Muslims living in the West enjoy freedom and democracy, proves that religions are never the problem, it’s the faulty politics of a country which ruins societies and peaceful co-existince.
    Just a couple of fact corrections if you may: Jesus is not ranked far below Mohammed, Islam instructs to believe and respect all prophets equally. And the Quran does not allow Muslims to enslave people – whether infidels or not. Slavery is an ancient practice that Islam discourages and sought to eliminate by rewarding those that free their slaves.


  8. I’m glad to find another person who stands for the truth. Islam is indeed a dangerous and false religion. However we cannot repond to the hate and evil in the same fashion as they do. We must lovingly reach out to them and show them who God is. I found an article that details some of the things they believe and practice. It may shed some light on the matter.


  9. Ya’ll have such a great site and I am so happy about the book. God has told me I am going to publish too and I told HIM, He would have to do it because I had no idea what or how to do what needed doing. So I have been watching HIm step by step supply every little thing and I am sure that when He is done He will have the best book-certainly better than I could have done.


  10. My problem with most Christians is that to make your point you always want to distort facts. This is why intellectuals have little or no regard for most followers of the Christian faith. I will alight some outrageous things you attribute to Islam which is very false:
    • You said “There are two fallen angels named Shaitan and Jinns, whom are demons”.
    There is no concept of fallen angels in Islam. The Qur’an expressly stated that ibliss (who Christians refer to as Lucifer) is not an angel, but a Jinn in company of Angels. Iblis is a Jinn. There good and evil Jins, the evil ones are called Shaitan. There is nothing like two fallen angels and I wonder where you heard something so ridiculous.
    • “The Qur’an denies that Jesus is the Son of God. He is ranked far below Mohammed”. “The Qur’an lists 28 prophets. Last and greatest is Mohammed.”
    Please for the sake of God Almighty, the Qur’an did not rank Jesus below Muhammad (SAW). Rather, the Qur’an says we should not make any distinction between any of the messengers. Muhammad was the last messenger.
    • You listed the “six doctrines” of Islam as follows
    God, Angels, Scripture, Mohammed, The end times, Predestination
    This is obviously a deliberate attempt at distorting Islam. Even a Muslim child will do a better job than this. The six articles of faith in Islam are:
    Believe in Allah (God)
    Believe in the existence of the Angels
    Believe in the Scriptures
    Believe in the Prophets (not just Muhammad)
    Believe on the Day of Judgment
    Believe in Destiny
    When you talking about someone’s belief be careful to state it as it is.
    “Scripture” is not the same thing as “scriptures”. Our belief is that Scriptures where sent to different Prophets in their lifetime.
    Also, “Prophets” is not the same thing as “Muhammad”.


  11. • The Black Stone is not an idol and it was never an object of worship even in pre Islam era. It is still not an object of worship today. It is not even mentioned in the Qur’an. The Qur’an forbids the worshipping of anything other than God Almighty. We pray directly to God Almighty. They are countless evidence in the Quri’an, Hadiths and History for this.

    • As for Salvation, Islam teaches that God Almighty is All Merciful and Most Compassionate, he forgives all sins if he wills. The only sins he will not forgive is when you ascribe a partner to Him, which is Shirk. But if somebody commits Shirks and he seeks forgiveness before he dies, Allah will forgive him. We do not believe that God needs blood before He can forgive sins.

    • All the wars the Muslims fought against the pagans, Persians and Romans where all defensive and to repel their aggression. The Romans, Persians and others attached the Muslims first, so the whole of the Byzantine Empire became fair game. Moreover, in the conquered territories, the people where not forced to become Muslims, they were only asked to pay task for protection called Jizya which was far less than what they paid under the Romans or Persians.

    Also, the non-Muslims where not compelled to fight for their Muslim rulers and they were not to pay Zakat like the Muslims.
    You said: “Historically, in countries where Islam is strong in political power, people of all rival religions are either wiped out….”

    Which history? Which country where others ‘wiped out’ by Muslims? Islam conquered India and ruled it for over 700 years? How come over 80% are still Hindus? In the Middle East and North Africa there are millions of Christians there too, how come? Which history are you referring too? Is it the Crusades or the inquisitions or colonialism where Christianity was forced down the throat of Muslims?

    History is my witness that the egalitarian nature of Islamic rule ensured that the religious rights of non-Muslims were respected and they prospered economically. It was after decades and perhaps centuries after that they gradually converted to Islam. Even the Jews will bear witness that if not for Islam, their culture would have been extinct due to the prosecution and restrictions the Christians placed on them.

    Unlike the Christians that forced convert people to Christianity, the Muslims did no such thing. Even till date in Nigeria Christians still use threat, coercion and force to convert people to Christianity. This was never the case with Islam and Muslims. If you go to northern Nigeria, you will find little Christian communities scattered all over, their rights are respected. But come to the South were Christians dominates, Christians are employing all tricks in the book to convert Muslims. Muslims working under Christians are compelled to be Christians else they lose their jobs. Muslims children are force to sing Christian songs and pray The Lord’s prayer every morning in schools, in the past if you are not a Christian you are not admitted into most schools. Muslim women that choose to wear the hijab are discriminated against, even in universities and Court rooms despite the provisions of the constitution that guarantees religious rights.
    You talked about the west as if Muslims enjoin their rights there? I am in this world too, if anything Muslims in Muslim Countries are being oppress because of western influenced leaders. Muslims suffer more in Muslim Countries than Christians. This is why in Syria, Christians are supporting Al Assad against Muslims fighting for freedom.


  12. Lastly you said “For instance, right now in Sudan, thousands of black Christians are enslaved to Muslim Arabs. The Qur’an gives them the right to make slaves out of “infidels”.”

    You lied about Sudan, you lied against the Qur’an. Why?

    You people are used to propagating Christianity with falsehood, this is very bad. Please for God sake, speak the truth and the truth shall set you free. If you would not listen to the Qur’an, please listen to your Bible.


  13. A really difficult subject to discuss these day’s because of the belief’s held by individual’s.
    A life long debate would never be long enough for people to impress upon other’s that their own belief’s are those that should be followed.
    Really interesting writing.


  14. In Islam we believe in all prophets and God never ranked Jesus below Mohammed( peace upon them all)
    All prophets are the same, no difference between any of them, and i think in your point about Islam in East or West it is a clear reason that the problem was never in religion itself but in the people.
    I suggest you to read more about Islam from trusted sources and please don’t make you prejudgments affected on you just read and think 🙂


  15. I think you have engaged in a very difficult discussion. You need a pat on the back for trying to be objective.
    Your attempt at the history of mohammed is a good attempt. i will not comment on what the Quran says or doesn’t say because for one i haven’t read it. Now that we are in agreement up to this point, I think it is important to not see the differences in the holy books not as a controversy, but as an attempt by mohammed to present an acceptable scripture to the arabs of his time. Those writings he found unacceptable he modified or left out all together. We must also accept that so many people died in the hands of the christians and maybe muslims are just trying to catch up.
    Islam, in the beginning was concerned with social justice. If there are changes in this, it is because of changing interpretations of the message of mohammed.
    On forced conversion, christians are worse at this. They try to make everyone believe in their version of heaven and hell and about their god.
    Keep this up.


  16. After all my personal research on the subject, you seem to come to all the appropriate conclusions, and give a remarkably balanced and modern view of Islam here. Very refreshing to see a religion presented without bias based on the historical knowledge available to us, rather than going by the strict word of a religious text.


  17. I am from Indonesia which is dominant by Muslims. Islam is an universal religion which can be reached by people mind and one of the evidences is Holy Qur’an that completes there scriptures: Taurat, Zabur, Injil, so all true stories about civilization in the past in Al-Qur’an. Moreover, Islam always teach about quietness, peace, and love to another person include different religions. However, nowadays various people merely took one by one Al-Qur’an’ verses to be interpreted by themselves, so many people misunderstand about Islam before knowing deeper.


  18. correction for writer: Muhammad is the last prophet (25th, no 28th). In Al-Quran there 2 types :
    1.Nabi (Arabic) or prophet (English) (many quantities, but merely 25 prophets which told and believed) :
    Adam AS, Idris AS, Nuh AS until Muhammad SAW (accumulation=25 prophets)
    2.Rasul are special prophets which have extraordinary patients: Nuh AS, Ibrahim AS, Musa as, Isa AS, Muhammad SAW.
    *AS = alaihi salam * SAW=Salallahu alaihi was salam

    So, Islam is widest and deepest right? Moreover, I also still study about this religion…”ISLAM”


    1. Essaylover, what is prophecy and who is a prophet? How can one prophet Mohammed contradict all the previous prophets and Islam thinks it’s superior? How can the Bible be false when it’s principles exposes the Quran as false? READ THIS FROM THE BIBLE:

      “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!” Gal. 1: 8.

      The Quran came 700 years after Christ and it’s a different gospel from the rest of the Bible….How can we test Mohammed as true prophet with the rest of the prophets of God?


  19. One of the problems I see is that many people, of any religion, believe in a god they fear to be either false or weak so they then believe they have to fight or kill to protect their god. If it is the true God He doesn’t need our physical protection. Many others use the concept of god to gain power for themselves. This too is wrong.


  20. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. it teaches the way to live a life of truth, honesty, caring others, and sharing. All religions and their followers are to be respected. no one has the right to criticize or ridicule others’ religion. Allah is supreme and only Allah is to be worshiped


    1. With all due respect, you just ridiculed every other religion by saying that Allah is supreme and ONLY he is to be respected.


  21. Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I’m so glad I came over to read yours in return.

    Your article is very well written (even if one or two of the details maybe slightly inaccurate, as pointed out by some commenters) and I thank you for giving us a rough outline of the two religions and for highlighting the similarities between them. Usually we get to hear about the differences, which only serves to continue the division so thank you for doing a good job of seeking common ground. You’ve prompted me to go and learn more about Islam and the practices of its followers. I can’t see me converting from Christianity but it would be interesting to know more about the commonalities in both religions. I think that the biggest (and most important) fact is that we both believe in the one and SAME God!!


  22. Interesting article thanks. I’m inclined to agree with several of your Muslim commenters that this is a rather narrow summary of Islam. But it is a summary so that shouldn’t be much of a shock. Islam is a complex faith which does present very differently in different parts of the world. Its differences from Christianity are relatively negligible except when used in politics. Then, much like Christianity it becomes aggressive and intolerant. Most people’s private faiths are fairly harmless; it’s when we seek to impose them on others through government that they are harmful (see Syria, Iran, USA).
    As someone blissfully unfettered by faith my choice as a god would be to clearly lay out that I shouldn’t be worshipped and don’t you dare pretend your actions are in my name.


  23. Muslims might live in peace with the West if they were not always blamed for “false-flag” terror events like 9/11, and if Al-CIA-da didn’t brainwash poor uneducated Muslims to a radical version of Islam. So are you going to say sorry for your fake “War on Terror” or do you still believe yourselves to be the good guys?


  24. Thank you for following, for I never would have came across this insightful message!! I feel honored, because not only is this the type of information I love to read about, you are established and my blog is so very young! Thanking you in advance for all of the information I will learn from kicking around on your site!!!


  25. I think it’s not so much about conflict of religions as conflict of societal structures. The West by and large is used to democracy, the rule of a relatively lenient law, freedom of the individual, that kind of thing, and our interpretation of the bible reflects the values of our society, more or less. The Moslem world tends to be under-developed, tribal, patriarchal, warlike – and that doesn’t reflect the Koran, rather the interpretation of the Koran reflects that, if you see what I mean. When you look at the bible and the koran side by side, just as documents setting out religious principles, both are bloodthirsty and peaceful in equal measure. I think it can be dangerous for a society such as ours to allow too many people from a radically different society such as, say, Afghanistan, to immigrate. But if we don’t want a clash of cultures, we shouldn’t be interfering in affairs that don’t concern us. There is no way Al Qaeda would have attacked the west if the west (and Russia) hadn’t gone and stirred the pot in far flung lands it really had no business in – other than the pursuit of world domination.


  26. I’ve learned a lot from this post and the various comments. Thanks to those who put forth their understanding, and thanks especially to those who know Islam from the inside. I tend to believe that neither Islam nor any other religion can be characterized as being about peace and harmony. I am a Jew and Torah is full of violence and the will to dominate. What I do believe is that there are followers of Islam who cling to peace and harmony as basic values. Likewise for Jews and Christians. What we shouldn’t minimalize is James’ will to understand.


  27. I noticed you are now folowing my Thoughts on God. This post is quite interesting and unlike what I write you actually get quite a few comments. The comments seem to miss your most important point, that of Jesus’ deity. It does not matter one iota what a muslim does to earn salvation, if Jesus remain to their belief just a minor prophet they will not make it into Heaven, period. All of the rest is simply side orders to the main entree.


  28. Your article is full of inaccuracies and very misleading. While clearly, there is turmoil in the Middle East, your lack of knowledge on this religion is evident. Anybody interested in religion and Middle Eastern affairs should read naijainfoman’s comments, or do your own research from credible websites, and not those geared towards the defamation of the religion. I am not denying there are many things wrong with Middle Eastern culture and ethics, but you are providing an unfair perspective of the region. Also, if you truly think Western streets are paved with gold you are sorely mistaken.
    I also have been around Muslims and Christians and Jews and they are not very different from your next-door neighbor.
    Moreover, if you say Islam is loving and peaceful in the West, then perhaps this article should have taken a more political standpoint as opposed to a religious one because that implies that the governments in the Middle East are to blame-in which case your article would bare more merit!


  29. You say Muslims enjoy freedom in the West?? .. And that the law protects them??.. Forgetting that coexistence of religions his native is the Middle East before entering greedy when to see my years pre-World War II how Christians Muslan and others live in peace and loving .. coexistence of religions we gave to the world .. The term democracy and modernity and modernity not only lie … now the American system, for example, is never fair and did not meet the material needs of human moral or ideological or never .. but devotes prostitution and loss of consciousness and the mind and intellectual slavery frequently boring lifestyle kills the soul …. and also there is no term fallen Angels … the devil isjinn Allah raised to heaven and refused to prostrate to our father Adam and reason in coming from heaven to earth and from that moment on we are enemies of the devil ….. and combines Islam and Christianity from the doctrines and principles of much more than they disagree when …


  30. Wonderful post! “Until there is peace between religions, there can be no peace in the world.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


  31. Thank you for this very informative and insightful post! I knew most of the information, but it was good to see it all condensed and gave me ideas as to how I might explain it to others.


  32. Everyone thinks that their religion is the correct one, i found Krishna’s advice to be the most useful.
    “Abandon all religion and just pray unto me”
    God is God, our original Father, everything else is by the side.
    God is more important than Jesus, God is more important than Moses, God is more important than Mohammed, God is more important than any Angel or Demigod or prophet.
    God created me and i will answer to him one day, not any third party member.


  33. This is a nice blog but this post on Islam leaves a lot to be desired and shows several basic misconceptions.

    Its sad that people in the west have been fed these distortions by various groups who have a vested political and missionary interest in distorting reality about Islam and Muslims.

    Tolerant and merciful Islam that is known in the west is nothing but the importation of tolerant and merciful Islamic teachings from the traditional Muslim lands.


  34. Wow, you have a blog that spans topics! 🙂 You’ll review a light-hearted animation about monsters and then you’ll wrap ignorance in a guise of understanding. I know people of different religions, organized or otherwise. Faith in the hands of rulers or groups can be destructive – everywhere, any faith, because it seeks dominance and not for a higher power. In the minds of individuals, faith can be misguided, for any reason. But these are not the place for faith, faith resides purely in the heart. By this post, you have not brought about understanding but maligned a way of life for many people, 1 in 6, so you say, but I don’t believe your facts. I’m not saying you swayed anyone here, because your words appear to be a personal take that is backed up by nothing. I’m not saying I know it all, but when I don’t, I don’t spew doggerel. I came here because you chose to follow me and I was honored by that. My posts are to enlighten the heart through poetry and prose. I feel very darkened typing this right now at your blog, because in the end I am left with the answer to your own posed question of the possibility of coexistence, and your answer is ‘no way’ – what would God say of these ramifications? What would Jesus do? Why did you? You have every right to withdraw your follow from my blog, I don’t think it will make much difference. 😦 Peace, Shalom and Salam.


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