Does Satan Have You Tangled?

It doesn’t take much exploring on my blog to figure out that I’m a huge Disney fanatic. Even now, at 28 I still peek up the mouse’s sleeve to see what he’s got cooking in there. Especially of late, the Magic Kingdom has rarely disappointed.

It was a thrilling day in the Toy household when we discovered that the Disney studio was touching back with its roots, and combing out an old fairytale and curling it up with a new twist (puns intended). Of course, it was sad to see them change the name from Rapunzel to Tangled. Still, our faith was quickly restored once we saw it.

I want to talk to you today about the devil. Why? Because Tangled made me think a lot about the devil. In the movie, this witch of a woman claims to be Rapunzel’s loving mother. This evil, sinister – yet beautiful – being, wants nothing more  than to keep Rapunzel locked away in the highest room of the tallest tower … sorry, wrong movie … never to live the life she only imagines.

You don’t have to think too hard to make the connection. Satan – evil, sinister, beautiful – wants to lock us all away as well. But the thing about him that most people wouldn’t expect, is that he gives us exactly what we want (at least what we want on the surface). He leads us gently by the hand to our rooms where we can wallow in our anger, or lust after women on the computer, or watch TV all our life long when we’re not at work.

And while we’re engaged in these acts of absence, we’re convinced that we’ve got it made. Except, every now and then, something inside of us stirs. In the movie, Rapunzel wanted desperately to see what the glowing lights were that appeared on her birthday each year, but the witch refused her permission. Because the witch knew that if she discovered what those lights were, she would learn that she was the long-lost princess of the kingdom.

Satan knows that if you venture outside to help a neighbor, or go to church or even crack open a Bible, you’ll begin to discover who you are meant to be: a son or daughter of the Living King, Jesus Christ. So like the coward he is, the devil will throw everything he’s got at you to prevent you from snooping around: Food, sleep, 50 Shades of Grey, Facebook, Youtube, ANYTHING! He wants to keep you locked in this room of meaninglessness and isolation.

But every now and then – not always – Christ will beckon you to meet Him elsewhere, but only you can make the decision to leave your place of comfort and sin. Will you do that this week?

Rapunzel let out her hair to find freedom. We can let out a shout of praise that God has been faithful to provide us a way out of our meaningless existences and life of obedience to the father of lies.

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17 thoughts on “Does Satan Have You Tangled?

  1. Great thoughts. It reminds me of issues addressed in C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters.” We become satisfied with our lives in our towers and we rarely desire to change our habits lest they ruin our monotonous but comfortable “schedules” (eat, sleep, work, relax…eat, sleep…etc.).


    1. Exactly. You actually pinned it as I’ve just started my second read-through of that marvelous book. I’ll have some comments on it in the near future.


      1. Hey that book (Screwtape Letters) was a large puzzle piece finding its place in the big picture for me! I like your blogs James. Thanks for following mine too!


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  3. Amen and amen! I love how you made the connection between how the witch hid her away and how Satan can keep us under the spell of social media. Thank you for this piece. Oh and thank you for following my blog! Keep them coming!


  4. I am a Muslim and we believe in Isa A.S (Jesus) as a prophet. I loved your write up and how you connected it with the movie’s story. This article has added to my motivation of strengthening my bond with God and being what He really wants me to be. Thank you!


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