URGENT: Bring the Howells Back Together for Christmas

HFP11_0008Our friend Adam Howell went to Africa a week ago to pick up their newly adopted one year old boy, Judah. Everything is in place as far as adoption paperwork is concerned (Judah is theirs!). Right now, they’re just waiting for their exit visa so they can come home and be with their family by Christmas. Adam, to be with his wife and kids and Judah to be with his new mommy, brother and sisters.

Adam and Liz just had their third child a month ago. So Liz would love to have Adam and their new son home by Christmas so they won’t have to spend the holiday on opposite sides of the globe. Below is a snippet of an email Adam sent out. Please pray that Adam and Judah can make it home to be with their family for Christmas. What a wonderful gift that would be! Share this on your facebook or blogs to raise as much prayer as possible.

Hey everyone.

First of all, thanks for all your prayers and support. It means more to me than you know. This is a very dark place in many aspects, and Iam more than ready to come home. The US has said we can come home… wehave Judah’s visa. However, the Congolese government hasn’t yet issued the exit letter to say that we can leave … [We’re not] going anywhere until the Congo says we can. It’s crazy.

So, part of the update is to ask you guys to pray. We need the exit letter by Saturday at the latest in order for me to come home on Monday as scheduled.

See you soon,
Adam and Judah<><

Visit their blog here.

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