And the Best Show Currently on Television is…

Downton-Abbey-01I’m not a big television fanatic. I’ll usually wait a few years after a show’s success to jump into a new series.

HGTV bores me to death.

The History Channel is rarely ever about history.

And I’ve never learned anything useful from TLC.

(Please note, these views are not shared by Sarabeth.)

While I’ve been privy to The Office for the last several years, that show is  on its last leg and will no longer be aired after this season. (I hope fervently for Dwight’s show to be a success, though I have my doubts.) I’m also a big fan of Parenthood, but sometimes the show hits too close to home and can make us a little uncomfortable with certain issues they tackle.

But there’s another show out there much more to the likes of Avonlee fans and – well, anyone with good taste, really.

You’ve likely heard of Downton Abbey at some point in the last three years since America began airing this British-based drama. In fact, if you’re like me, you’ve probably seen it advertised somewhere on an Internet banner and have pronounced it “Downtown Abbey.”

Let me assure you, for someone who’s not into British entertainment (or, more accurately, never gave it a chance), it was the very first time I was hooked into a show less than ten minutes into the pilot episode. Sarabeth and I have been watching it since last summer and we cannot be more pleased with our choice of Sunday night entertainment.

She likes it for all the drama and suspense. I like it for it’s unique character-study and brilliant screenwriting. Authors – you would benefit from watching this show for those two reasons alone.

The fact that nothing overly climatic happens very often makes the show that much more realistic. The characters aren’t as cut and dry as in a typical show. Once you decide you like someone, they go and do something questionable, causing you to not be so quick to put your trust in anyone. Characters you hate from the start will sometimes surprise you and redeem themselves.

And the history of the class-separation lifestyle in England in the early twentieth century is absolutely intriguing. Not to mention the way the screenwriters faithfully weave the story in and out of the threads of major historical events.

As a writer, Downton Abbey has challenged me, and is pushing me to write better, more believable characters. It is fairly safe for the entire family, as most underhanded comments will go over kids’ heads.

The third season just premiered last week. You can catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix or Hulu.

If you’re like me and find most television dull and lacking, or you just need a good, quality show to get wrapped up in, treat yourself to entertainment at its best. And be prepared to be hooked. I have yet to hear one negative review of this astounding show that has swept both Europe and America by storm.

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16 thoughts on “And the Best Show Currently on Television is…

  1. The first season had me hooked. It’s a show I had to pay close attention to, because much of the drama is subtle, conveyed through precise wording and gestures. But eventually I dropped it, feeling it circled back on itself. I prefer shows that constantly move forward, like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, although I think there are bits of both that stretch too long, episodes you can tell are set-ups for something significant down the line. Anyhow, great post.

  2. Yes I admit it, I had been calling it Downtown Abbey for longer then I should have. It’s a wonderful show, enjoy it tremedously but I also LOVE Modern Family

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head! Both of us love to watch “Downton Abbey”. We’ve bought the CDs of the two first seasons and now are enjoying the beginning of the third season. We also find the characterizations and screen-writing superb. Thanks for highlighting it.

  4. Both my wife and I love the show. We bought seasons 1 and 2 in the run up to season 3. You are right about the writing. It is so well done that it makes the show truly enjoyable. Julian Fellows is a genius.

  5. I didn’t know that season two was on Netflix hmmmm. Hubby and I recently finished season one and are about 3 episodes in on season 2. It’s a pretty good show. British television shows are a bit superior to American dramas unfortunately. Their drama and violence is much more raw. Anyway we are big fans of Downton Abbey and hate it whenever we are surfing the internet or go on facebook and see a post about something that has happened that we haven’t gotten to yet. That’s bad part about starting a show after it’s been out and about for awhile. We also like to throw on Brit accents during and after the show. It has that affect on you. Nice write-up.

  6. Awaiting Season 1 and Season 2 on my Blockbuster mail account…can’t wait. We’re very big on series….24, Game of Thrones (although we have to overlook a lot of nudity/sex in that one), Sharpes (from many years ago), of course Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. And I have to say, we stopped watching The Office when Michael left….he WAS The Office.

    1. I agree with The Office ending when Michael left. I think it’s still tolerable without him, but you’re absolutely right – it’s not at all The Office.

  7. Started watching today! I am starting from Season one and have watch the first 4 episodes already! I am hooked! I looked over it and never paid any attention to the hooplah…but after reading your review I had to give it a whirl! My new favorite tv show! 🙂

    1. Yes! I’m so glad I convinced someone to start it, knowing that starting a TV show is quite a commitment. Hope you continue to love it – it’s even more fun when you get your friends and family involved in it, then there’s never an awkward moment during those family gatherings; always something to talk about.

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