Office Romance

tumblr_m3gr49WKbX1qgqc9no2_r1_500Alright, I promise this is my last post about The Office for a while. But everyone, whether you’re a fan of the show or not needs to read this.

You’ll remember a post I did for Valentine’s day this year about true love at the movies. Among the few that made the list, Pam and Jim Halpert from The Office were given honorable mention.

I’ve always said that just because a movie or show ends in a wedding or engagement, doesn’t mean it’s a happy ending. I’ve written about this on a post called “Marriage – A Beginning, Not an End.”

When questioned about their struggling marriage that has just been watched in the fictional documentary, Pam’s response is pitch perfect.

“When the documentary started airing, people on the street told me I had this fairy tale romance. But there were a lot of times last year where it did not feel like a fairy tale. But then it got deeper, and stronger, and now it’s better than a fairy tale. It’s like a long book that you never want to end. And you’re fine with that because you just never ever want to leave it.”

I’m proud to announce that Christianity Today feels the same way many of us do about Pam and Jim’s fictional relationship. It’s nice to see your ultimate favorite show condoned in a Christian magazine:

For me, it wasn’t love at first sight. The first time I ever watched The Office, the scenes felt awkward and the staff of Dunder Mifflin seemed weird. But it didn’t take long before I fell for those quirky characters, and I’ve been watching ever since.

Sure, The Office has been through its ups and downs (most notably, the departure of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott), but in its ninth and final season the show has gained momentum by way of two characters whose relationship hooked us from the very beginning: Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly.

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