Andrew’s Top 10 Movie Countdown: 10

Sarabeth and I often FaceTime (like Skype) with her sister and brother-in-law who have been missionaries across seas for the last couple of years. We all tease each other for certain things, and the thing I get teased for the most is how I happen to have a list of “favorites” for everything. Not only that, but it seems like every new movie I see or song I hear usually becomes my new “favorite.”

“Just read this new book, and it was awesome!” I’d say.

“Oh? Is it your favorite?” they’d ask.

Yes. Usually it’s up there. So I’m an optimist. Sue me 🙂

Well, I’ve decided to share with you all my top ten favorite movies for you to check out during the summer. I love sharing my greatest finds. Many you’ve probably seen, and some you probably haven’t, and I would encourage you to check out. And I have excluded any Disney/Pixar movie from the list because they’re their own category of greatness.

So, with that said, number 10 in my list of top ten greatest movies is…

127-Hours127 Hours

Directed by Danny Boyle, the guy who directed the opening ceremonies to last year’s summer Olympics. This movie has a unique talent attached to it. Who would think that a movie about a guy stuck in a hole in the ground for five days would be at all entertaining?

Well, that’s the brilliancy of this movie. There’s not one boring moment throughout. Many people I know refuse to watch it because of the gory ending, but Sarabeth watches it with me, and she simply just closes her eyes as I narrate the amputation process.

Yeah, that can be fun.

But really, I cannot recall a movie that really quite literally makes me thirst for a bottle of water, that makes me feel as though I am completely and utterly alone, and fearful for my life.

The way the director strings it all together to tell a compelling true story about a young adventurer is completely mind-boggling to me. It’s kind of like one of those picture books without words. Somehow, it just works. I haven’t seen his other movies yet, but would like to soon. Clearly, he’s got unmatched talent spilling through his camera lens.

The story also begs the question, to me, anyway: What rock is keeping me from living my life? What do I need to sever to free me from it? Will it be worth the pain?

Have you seen it? Are you one who refuses to? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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