An Heritage; an Indian Orphanage

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My wife and her sister have a blog of which I am extremely proud of. My sister-in-law posted this yesterday about visiting the orphanage their grandpa started in India. She and her husband are missionaries there, and had the privilege of visiting the sacred site just less than a month before they come back home to the States.

I think every Christian dreams of living a life where we go around rescuing abandoned children off the streets and giving them food, shelter, and a promising future. I am proud and honored to say that my father-in-law’s father did just that.

Here is the post from my wife and her sister’s blog, Flatstolofts:

Before WWII, our Grandpa spent 10 years working at a girls orphanage in India. We grew up with stories of them going out at night and picking up the abandoned girls that were left by the road. My favorite picture of him is when he is holding a cobra he killed – and it was as tall as him. Coming back to the States during WWII, we heard stories of them not being allowed to use any lights on the ship at night out of fear of being spotted by German U-boats.

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