Everyday Orphans


Think about the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word “orphan.” Most of us think immediately of a poor, desolate child staring at you with big eyes, and skinny arms and legs, with loose rags for clothes. This is a very true image of an orphan, yet the idea of an orphan is much, much bigger than that.

You and I run across orphans every single day. We talk with them and joke with them and conduct business with them on a daily basis. They are people who have no heavenly Father. Their deepest relation is with the Father of Lies who keeps them in bondage and slavery and neglects their needs. He withholds their daily bread, and inflicts harm on them by spoiling them with the evil desires of their hearts, and spares the rod. He is the antithesis to what a father is. And so those who do not know the Lord God as Father, are fatherless.

Now, we may not be able to adopt them, but we can direct them to the One who can. After all, if you are alive in Christ, you were once an orphan. And as Hosea 14:3 states, have you not found mercy in the Lord? Just like He did with Adam and Eve, God took pity on you and clothed you, not in animal skins, but in Christ’s blood, covering your sins.

We have a responsibility to the parent-less children, by taking them into our homes, or providing others with the means to do so. But we must not neglect our responsibility to the countless others who are spiritual orphans. Though they may seem content with their lives, and walk around with a smile on their faces, wearing expensive suits from Barney’s, they’re not happy. They may tell you they are, but like a rebellious orphan who has never known a home or love, they scoff at the idea of needing a Father to guide and direct them.

What is stopping you from showing mercy to the orphans of the world? Seek them out, be Jesus to them. Offer them the shelter of a church, the clothing of Christ, and the ever-extending hand of the Father waiting to take them Home.

In you the orphan finds mercy. – Hosea 14:3


Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

6 thoughts on “Everyday Orphans

  1. Jesus, open my eyes to the father-less and those who need encouragement around me. For, I was, in essence fatherless for a time…..Until you entered my heart. Let me spread out the Joy I have found in you to everyone I meet. Amen!!!!


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