The Invisible Studio Audience


Wives/girlfriends – Do you feel like arguments with your significant other too often come to an abrupt hault because he slaps you with some lame punchline and follows it up with a smirk? Want to know why he’s smirking? Because he’s mentally bowing down to the Studio Audience who is whooping and hollering and cracking up at his witty remarks.

And do you know who’s to blame? It’s not the devil. It’s Tim, Raymond, Phil, Ross, Chandler, Joey and a slue of other television personalities.

Husbands/boyfriends/men – You know what I’m talking about. We are all actors on a stage, aren’t we? Shakespeare wasn’t far off when he said this, and it’s more true today than it was then. This may not happen when things are going fine and everyone in the home is happy and getting along, but when things heat up and tempers are thrown, our personal audience sweeps in to pet our man-egos in the heat of an argument.

So men, here’s a tip. When we’re watching The Goldbergs, or Modern Family with our wives, let’s leave the silly

Courtesy of IC
Courtesy of IC

jibes to the guys on screen and assume we’ve already wooed our women by charm and wit.

Stop letting your personal audience (a.k.a. your ego) crowd out your wife – the only person who matters in these situations.

Oh, and for the record, I do think that Tim Taylor of Home Improvement is the best example of a father-figure and learning husband that TV offered back in the days when sitcoms dominated television. Also still an awesome show to watch!

This post inspired me to write this, assuring me that I’m not the only one in this. Read it here.

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17 thoughts on “The Invisible Studio Audience

  1. Maybe I’ve got a bit of a man tendency going on, but I too sometimes play it up for my pretend television audience as well. I wish I could pull a Jim Halpert and shrug into a camer– just once!


  2. The only audience I “play” to in the house is 1) My Wife and 2) My little girl… If I can make them happy and laugh and enjoy a safe, relaxing home then I’ve done part of my job as a husband and daddy!


  3. Good post. It applies to women too. My husband and I have always tried to respect each other, even when we’re angry. That’s something that seems to be missing from most of the television portrayals of relationships.


  4. I doubt that it is the characters on TV that are to blame. They’re just trying to earn a living in their preferred profession. The person to blame is the one making the remark and smirking at that particular time and label that person as being insensitive. It isn’t just men who do this either. Women are just as guilty.


  5. GASP!!! This is absolutely spot on! I admit that there have been a ‘zinger’ or two that have actually went through the mental filter and the internal judging panel has said, “Yes, that one is so worthy of the laugh-track that it’s going to be worth sleeping on the couch for!”
    I’m not proud of this…but yes, it’s true…


  6. Well said. I confess I am more likely to say something stupid than my husband. Fortunately, I am gaining some wisdom with age and have learned to consider my comments more carefully.


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