What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

Spider Man

I’m going to make a very unpopular statement.

I can’t stand the Marvel movies (you know, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk – The Avengers).

Outside The Dark Knight trilogy (and maybe X-Men and X-Men 2), I really don’t care for superhero movies. (I know it’s debatable, but I don’t consider Batman a superhero – especially since the newest trilogy is more dramatic than action-driven.)

However, Spider-Man is a favorite in our house.

Sarabeth loves the Toby Maguire trilogy, and I am absolutely crazy about the reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, with Andrew Garfield as your neighborhood friendly web-swinger.

Have you seen it? Most likely you passed it up because, hey, it’s too soon to do a reboot of a blockbuster franchise.

It’s like remaking Monsters University, right?

But Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire threw in the towel, remember? And remember how Spider-Man 3 had absolutely no conclusion?

I’ve watched The Amazing Spider-Man twice, and both times I’ve been moved, and have been pleasantly surprised by this underrated superhero movie.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring this movie to your attention. The only reason we watched it was because I had a free Redbox rental last year and decided, “Why not?” not really expecting much at all.

But with Sally Field and Martin Sheen as supporting actors, how could you go wrong?

So if The Avengers or all of the X-Men spinoffs have proven a bit monotonous to you, I highly recommend you watch The Amazing Spider-Man before the sequel hits theaters this summer.

Easily my favorite superhero movie. Well, that and The Incredibles, but you know what I mean.

What’s your favorite superhero movie?

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67 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

    1. Yeah! I thought I might end up being the only one. I appreciate the older one just like the next guy, but it outdated itself really fast. This was an appropriate reboot, for sure.

  1. I love the new spider man movie! Emma Stone is one of my favorites, she’s the kind of adorable that you want to just scoop her up and put her in your pocket, haha.

    As far as my favorite, I would have to go with Thor. I don’t really watch any superhero type movies…but once in awhile I’ll be forced by my little cousins to watch The Avengers or one of the characters movies, so out of the Avengers, I’m going with Thor 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen that one. We actually have a copy of it somewhere, but just haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it. Perhaps I just might one day…

  2. I liked the first Superman series with Christopher Reed. Not sure about the latest ones.

    “Lets take this battle outside of city limits to cut down on collateral damage” said no superhero ever.

    1. That last line cracked me up!! LOVE IT!
      The first Superman movie was definitely the better of the many attempts 🙂

  3. Going against your grain here – we’re Marvel fans in our household and both my husband and I refuse adamantly to watch the Spiderman reboot – we’re dedicated to the Tobey Maguire originals; that being said though we do have all of the X-Men Movies, Wolverine Movies, Marvel Movies and are currently working on building our collection of the Christian Bale Batman movies…but thus far my favorite super hero is going to be Iron Man!

  4. Superman is my favorite superhero. Not sure which movie would be my favorite though. I’ve never been much of a Spiderman fan, but I thought the reboot was awesome! Much better than the older ones, I thought.

  5. The recent Batman stuff are probably the best in terms of movies. On the Marvel side I thought the two Thor flicks were good fun.

  6. I’d have to go with the first Iron Man as my favorite, but the original X-men, X-men: First Class, and Batman Begins are right up there as well. I think that X-men: First Class was overlooked by many, and I highly suggest it if you haven’t seen it yet.

    As far as the biggest disappointments go, Iron Man 3 was terrible and insulting to fans of the actual comic book series. This one was especially hard to take since I adore the original.

    I also liked the Dark Knight (2nd movie) the least of the three in the trilogy and found it completely overrated.

    The third Toby Maguire Spider-man was nearly unwatchable, but the first two were pretty good.

    1. I’m guilty: I passed up on X-Men: First Class. Got kind of annoyed with all the spinoffs, but I’ve been told by many to see it. And I agree with your take on the original Spider-Man movies.

  7. This is where I show my age!! My superheroes were not any of the above – They were a bit more mortal – all the films about Robin Hood – including the 2010 with Russell Crowe but my all time favourite is Hawkeye (Nathaniel Poe) in Last of the Mohicans – no fancy gadgets – just all man!

  8. I will watch any super-hero movie and admittedly am hooked on the television series Agents of shield… however, since I was a child I have loved Spiderman. I read the comics faithfully and bought each new comic as it came out (and promptly threw them out since at that time you didn’t think it would be an investment) Anyhow, I loved the Toby Maguire movies, but the last one was tired and you could tell the actors were not ‘into’ it anymore. I refused to see the reboot, as I didn’t think it followed the comic strip. I may, however, reconsider after reading this post.

    1. I honestly can’t recommend the reboot enough. And the actors looked anything but tired. Each one put everything they had into it, and you can totally catch that vibe.

  9. I love superhero movies and comics. I think X-men are my fave followed by Iron Man from Marvel. As for DC … Batman definitely takes it!
    I enjoyed majority of the movies as well.
    I enjoyed the last amazing Spiderman but what I did not like about it was how easily he gave up his identity. His identity is such a big part of the character and him keeping it a secret to protect those he loves. In this movie I did not like how he just gave it away so easily. Other than that I liked it. I really like how they incorporated Spiderman’s personality into the movie as I felt the other ones didn’t (I mean his funny comments when he is fighting and stuff).

  10. I like the new Man of Steel storyline, but I thought a lot of the fight scenes were a little over the top and unnecessary. Very close to Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. Still my favourite super hero!

  11. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that they are remaking the Spider-man movies, since the Sam Raimi ones are still fresh in my mind (although the 3rd one was really weak). But, I still enjoyed “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Bat-girl is my all-time favorite superhero though since I loved watching the TV series (the one with Adam West) growing up. I wanted her motorcycle, lol! However, my favorite superhero movie is “Spider-man 2,” as much as I love “The Dark Knight.”

  12. When I think of superhero movies, I don’t think of the usual. Instead, I think of RUDY, TAKING CHANCE, THE BLIND SIDE, ERIN BROCKOVICH. These movies and many others are about real-life superheroes.

  13. My favorite superhero film would have to be The Dark Knight. I know that sometimes it doesn’t feel like a superhero movie due to its realism, but it was a great film with an unforgettable performance by Ledger. As for the Amazing Spider-Man films, I can’t wait for the second one. I just hope that they do better than Raimi and the bunch with all of these villains that are supposed to appear in the second.

  14. Honestly, Avengers is my favorite superhero movie; they put all those heroes in one movie and it was a fun and well done movie for any comic book fan.

    However, I will admit that I really enjoyed Man of Steel, despite the fact I do not like Superman; I’m more of a Batman and Green Lantern guy. MoS wasn’t a typical superhero movie either as it felt more like a sci-fi movie. As much as I like it though! I’m not willing to sit through it again because, well! it’s a really long movie!

  15. My daughter’s family ALL watch the super hero, X-men and the Avenger movies often. It’s such a shame that they missed out on the 60-70’s TV shows. Thor, was always my favorite, then Wolverine showed up. And Iron Man.
    Now I’m totally confused because I didn’t think of the X-Men as super heroes. Are they? Is Iron Man a super hero, or just his iron clothes?
    I’m not sure I even care at this point 😉
    Great Post!!!

  16. I absolutely loved Thor when it came out (mostly because of Tom Hiddleston’s acting) so I’m going with that!

    I liked The Amazing Spiderman too! Can’t wait for the sequel!

  17. Superman, tv show and then the move with Christopher Reeves. I always wanted to be Lois Lane! 😉 And I always liked the idea of flying like a bird wherever I wanted to go.

  18. My favourite superhero has got to be the Wolverine! He is the embodiment of badass, although his portrayal in the movies don’t really do him justice if you’ve already read the comics.

  19. Well, all of the Superhero movies are my favorites, including old versions…sorry. I am just a big fan of superhero movies :D. I especially loved Man of Steel….Russell Crowe did an amazing job as Super Man’s biological father. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner did an amazing job as well…overall there was good acting. You should watch it :). Its enjoyable.

  20. This is a hard question for a geek like me, but without putting too much thought into it, I’d have to say Batman. I don’t have time to decide which one right now. 😉

  21. Even though it was unsuccessful and everybody forgot about it, my favorite superhero movie (and my favorite superhero) is Daredevil. I was really hoping they would continue the story, but they never did 😦
    I love that he’s blind but can kick butt, I love that he’s a poor lawyer who only helps innocent people, and I love that he dedicates his life to bringing justice to the world.

      1. You should check it out. I hope you like it.
        Also about Spiderman, I agree with you I really love the reboot too. But I wasn’t a fan of the original Toby McGuire movies

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