Baby Music

If you have a baby or have raised one, you know the importance of music. And in this day and age, the importance of apps designed to lull your fussy babies to sleep.

We play a lot of Disney music for Baby A., but that can get kind of old after a while.

Neither Sarabeth nor I are into VeggieTales, and I like all the old hokey country children’s songs like “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and “You Are My Sunshine,” but Sarabeth doesn’t, so I can only play that sparingly.

Anyway, I want to start a discussion where you all share your favorite children’s songs and music. Please indicate whether they’re songs for playtime or for bedtime. Also, some good Bible songs would be good, too.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far.

For Playtime

Raffi_-_Baby_Beluga_cover_artRaffi – Far as I can tell, this guy wrote “Baby Beluga” (come on, who doesn’t like that song?). He’s got a couple of CDs up on iTunes and I’ve picked a few songs to go on Baby A.’s playlist.

Disney Pixar CD SOundtrack createstDisney/Pixar’s Greatest Hits – The great thing about this CD is that it’s just plain awesome for everyone. Plus, most of it is Randy Newman music, and you can’t go wrong, there!

julie-fowlis-1Julie Fowlis – I don’t speak Scottish, and most likely Baby A. isn’t going to either, but she’s certainly going to have an appreciation for foreign music. Julie Fowlis isn’t a children’s singer, but she sang all those enchanting songs in Brave, and it turns out, the rest of her CD’s are just gorgeous and very soothing. A great play/sleep transition.

For Bedtime

sound sleeperSound Sleeper app – This app has been a lifesaver for us and I believe has gained us a few extra minutes of sleep. You can set the sound to play “Rain” or “Ocean waves” or a few other soothing settings. And yes, including “Womb.”

A_Beautiful_Mind_cdA Beautiful Mind soundtrack – If you can only handle so much Baby Einstein, the great composer Howard Shore is the way to go.

finding neverlandFinding Neverland soundtrack – The only soundtrack that’s better than A Beautiful Mind

shireShire music – Because I want to prepare her for the greatest epic adventure of her life. And really, our little girl is still in the Shire of her own life.

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16 thoughts on “Baby Music

  1. You just took me on a Memory Ride with Baby Beluga…
    I spent a lot of years in a Christian preschool classroom
    using music daily as an aid… There were certain songs
    I could play that gave the children clues as to our next activity.
    (transition to clean up, circle time, lunch, nap…)
    Music could calm a crazy day… (Many times I was thankful for Barney)
    I’m trying to think back … In my classroom during playtime, softly
    in the background you would probably hear…Raffii, who was
    always a good choice. Or Bible songs from Cedarmont Kids
    and Hillsong Kids. (I think I have that last one right.)
    My grandkids got the joy of Veggie Tales … yay for Bob and Larry!!!
    Kids learn more than we know from music… we must choose wisely. (<-my opinion)


  2. When we were little, my father always played us “The Kids Praise Album!” It has a character named Psalty, who is a songbook. I loved listening to it and singing along. Most of the songs are derived from bible scripture (I first learned about I John 4:7, 8 here). I believe this is the first album of a series with Psalty, and we listened to most of them during our childhood.

    Now, my 10-month old and 2-year-old nieces listen to this CD every morning, and they have fun listening to it. Some of the songs are too fun and upbeat for bedtime, so I suppose it would be more appropriate for play.


  3. Aaah, memories…I fondly remember the excitement of singing Baby Beluga and various Raffi songs to our boys, now grown young men, 26 and 24. The impact and excitement music provides for both babies, children and parents alike! Priceless! Enjoy!


  4. My daughter is very specific in her choice of music. We play music in at least 3 different languages to her; English plus our two native languages. Her all-time favorite is Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. She also loves Madness by Muse, Mercy by Duffy, Happy by Pharrell and of course Let It Go by Idina Menzel.
    All these songs are to soothe her. Nothing for bedtime or playtime.


  5. We do a lot of Disney Pandora over here. Also the Toddler Radio has a good mix. (Both Playtime) Did you ever have Anne Murray’s Hippo in the Bathtub? I was raised on that and break that out every once in awhile too!

    And Praise baby DVD’s are good for bible music as well as visual stimulation!


  6. This is a great topic. We also enjoy Raffi’s music here. For playtime we love Caspar Babypants. His music is silly, fun, and always tells an imaginative story or perspective. The Legend of the Bone song has an adorable video to go with it on YouTube that a child (fan) made.
    Terri Hendrix’s version of A Place in the Choir is fantastic and upbeat. You’ve probably heard a version before…”all god’s critters have a place in the choir”. I love that song. She also has a fun song “car car”.


  7. When I was between the ages of 1-5 my mother would put on a cassette if sang nursery rhymes and children’s songs. I don’t remember much of what was on it, more so the feeling of safeness and comfort that it brought to me and my brother. One song that I do remember is Puff the Magic Dragon. I still have an immense fondness for this 20 years on!


    1. The best! It plays constantly in our house when a new Lord of the Rings movie is about to come out.


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  9. From a very young age my kids listened to symphonic music. My youngest recently thanked me particularly for Dvorak’s 5th Symphony (From the New World), and we played a fair amount of Mahler, and one of them is quite fond of anything Mozart. I would definitely include these.

    I also wrote one-verse songs that I sang to them, one for each of their names, an “up” song for going up to bed at night, a “down” song for coming down in the morning (both of those were rounds), and a “good night” song that they still list as a fav (“Good night, sleep well, sweet dreams, I love you, I’ll see you tomorrow, good night, sleep well.”) I’ve been a composer for decades, so maybe I underestimate how hard that is, but I tend to think that anyone could do it.


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