A Hero Has Died

WK-AV921_COVER__DV_20101110182743Louis Zamperini has died. He is the subject of the international bestseller Unbroken by Seabiscuit’s biographer Laura Hillenbrand.

The only reason I didn’t put this book on yesterday’s post, “Reading List for Patriots” was because I was saving it for when the movie comes out this December.

Louis Zamperini died of pneumonia yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 97. And what a life he led. Unbroken details his life as a Olympic distance runner who so impressed Adolf Hitler that the Fuhrer insisted on meeting the young runner.

Later he enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces and earned a commission as a second lieutenant in the Pacific. He was shot down and survived 47 days at sea in a raft with two other men.

And that is only the beginning.

Unbroken is quite possibly the greatest World War II book (or nonfiction subject) I have ever read, and there is no better time for you to read it than now, in honor of a great American hero.

Unbroken will be Angelina Jolie’s third directorial project. Watch the three minute trailer here.


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34 thoughts on “A Hero Has Died

  1. it is sad to hear that he has passed on but he did lead an amazing life. I just put Unbroken on my reading list because my father recommended it. I will be watching the movie when it comes out.


  2. An incredible human being. I had not heard the news. Thanks for honoring his memory today. The book is unbelievable yet sadly true. Thinking the movie will be unbearable to watch.


  3. Aw_wwwww, so sad…he looks stoic! Unbroken is on my reading list…been wanting to start reading again. This seems like a good place to start. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, James! And thanks for sharing!


  4. I agree completely–he was a hero. I read the book with astonishment. His ability to survive the ordeal and live a meaningful life afterwards is truly remarkable. Truly remarkable. Thank you so much for indicating his death. Happy 4th. Bob J.


  5. Thank you for popping by my blog and the follow. It brought me back to your blog and I found this amazing story. Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard about this American hero, will definitely watch the movie and put the book on my reading list. It’s amazing what some people can endure, and still come out stronger at the other end. What an inspiration!


  6. can’t wait for the movie thanks for blogging this our friend Col. Mastriano was a good friend of his and has told us many a story about him. He was a wonderful Christian example.


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