Let’s Talk Dinos!

tyrannosaurus-dinosaurLast night I talked poor Sarabeth’s ear off about all the exciting dinosaur movies coming out next year.

The world of movies as we knew it changed forever in 1993 when Steven Spielberg released Jurassic Park. 

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the words “Jurassic Park.”

I was in the third grade, and my teacher, Mrs. Smart, I believe, must have read the book and must have heard about it being filmed from an evening news clip. She had just read us a story and proceeded to tell the class about the movie centered around a theme park with dinosaurs.

Collectively, I don’t think we were very bright, or we were all just deaf, because we didn’t hear her say the word “movie.” So we ambushed her with a load of questions like,

“When does it open?”jurassic park logo

“Will the dinosaurs move?

“Will it be next to Disneyland?”

And for about ten minutes, Mrs. Smart did her best to explain to us that it was a movie about a theme park.

In our seven- and eight-year-old minds, we couldn’t comprehend why anyone would watch a movie about a theme park when we could just go. 

Well, the next summer, I lost count the amount of times I went to see Jurassic Park with my buddies. And each time, I prayed the dinosaurs wouldn’t escape, but deeper still, I prayed that they would so I could experience that spine-tingling chill the movie still gives us all to this day.

man in boxYou’ll even see where Jurassic Park played a role in inspiring certain scenes in my book The Man in the Box. 

There’s no further agenda to this post except to express my excitement for all the dino fun we’re in for in the next 11 months, starting with a Toy Story television special about dinosaurs airing sometimes this holiday season.


And then next Father’s Day, we’ll be graced with Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the sharp-toothed franchise.

And later next year, Pixar is giving us an all new animated feature about …dinosaurs, calledRossGellerFriends413 The Good Dinosaur. 

I think I missed my calling as a paleontologist.






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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Dinos!

  1. I love Jurassic Park too. I was a baby when it came out, but it was a big part of my childhood. This also reminds me that my boyfriend’s childhood dream job was “lunar paleontologist” btw 😛


  2. My young grandson & I watched this film 18 months ago, and it gave him the opening to ask the whereabouts of his mother. (grandson is being brought up by his daddy, grandpa & myself) the poor lamb thought his mother had been eaten by a dinosaur !!! not quite sure where he had got that particular idea, now at the grand old age of 5 the boy eats, drinks & sleeps dinos who would of thought a film would give him the confidence to start living his life,


    1. I could start an entire blog on dinosaurs I love them so much. The book was great. Going to reread it and the sequel before the fourth movie comes out. My poor wife!!


  3. I am new to your blog but so far I have enjoyed all if your posts. You know i have never seen Jurassic Park? I need to lol! I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. I don’t know if you’ve been nominated before but here’s the post about it! (That I nominated you in)


  4. Thank you for this post LOL! I literally obsessed over dinosaurs as a child. Jurassic Park must ALWAYS be watched when it comes on tv. My little one is still to young for the t-Rex scene, but I am dying to watch it with her. I can’t watch the Land Before Time. I’m such a cry baby. My favorite Dino has to be the one from “Meet the Robinsons.” “I’ve got a big head, and little arms!” HILARIOUS!


    1. That one’s funny! And they have to translate his words for us on the screen. I certainly can’t wait to show Jurassic Park to my kids when they’re of age. (My wife and I will always be arguing about what age that might be. I’m thinking 8, since that’s how old I was… any thoughts?)


      1. I have my 4 year old the option. I told her there may be some scary scenes, but none of it is real. All of the dinosaurs are pretend and no one gets hurt.I said its just from some’s imagination, but the dinosaurs look really cool! She is extremely smart and I think giving her that option is okay. She decljned on her own accord. I think that is a good idea. 8 is more than okay. Just let them know, hey, there might be some chomping, but its all phony. If you only want to watch the dinosaurs parts, then Ill give you a heads up on the gore.


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