10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians

101dalmatians2lgIt’s very likely that we will be adopting our foster daughter soon, unless something unexpected comes up. So Sarabeth and I are now shifting our focus from Baby A. being in our house for a short time to her being our permanent daughter. And that means that one day, we’ll be explaining to her that she was adopted.

One way for big ideas like that to make a little more sense are through stories. Jesus told parables to make big ideas relatable, or somewhat understandable, and I plan to do the same for Baby A. when she’s older. One story I plan on sharing with her is 101 Dalmatians.

Whether we read the excellent book by Dottie Smith or watch the movie, I’ll share with her that she is like one of the 84 orphaned dalmatian puppies who were on death row. (Except she wasn’t on death row.) But they had no parents. They were lost and alone in a cruel, cold world.

But when Pongo and Perdita were brought to the DeVille Mansion, they hardly had a second thought about taking their 15 biological puppies, along with the 84 others, with them back home.

Just like when we met Baby A. in the hospital, we had no reservations about taking her home to live with us as one of our own.

And to take it a step further, all of us were on death row once, in a cold, dark cell (and many still are), where Satan was feeding us luscious treats and tempting sins to fatten us up, readying us for the slaughter. Until Jesus Christ broke in and rescued us by His death on the cross. He extended His hand for all of us to come home with Him, but only a few of us went with Him, and those few became God’s children through adoption.

The purpose of this series is to point out the adoption themes in some of our most cherished stories so that we can share them with our kids to better help them understand the concept of adoption and the beauty of its life-altering power.

I’ll hope you’ll check back for nine other movies that can be used as a wonderful tool to help explain adoption to our kids.

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22 thoughts on “10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians

  1. Excellent idea! My husband had a couple of “I don’t know about adoption, how would we…” And telling the child they were adopted was one if his questions. I will show him this.


    1. Keep checking back. These posts will surely help him a lot. It can certainly be intimidating, but we already tell our 6-month-old about her being adopted so there’s no confusion or shock when she’s older. We don’t want to make it a bigger thing than it is, but we want to acknowledge it for what it is by having open discussions with her.


      1. I have no idea why it suddenly occurred to me the other day, but I was wrong on that – Perdita would be ‘pretty little one’, perdidita would be ‘little lost one’. Sorry ’bout that!


  2. Great idea! One of our favorite movies that we share with our adopted children about adoption is “Lilo and Stitch”. I can’t wait to see what other movies you share.


    1. That movie’s actually on my list for this series. I’m glad you pointed it out; I was wondering if it could qualify, and now I know 🙂 Thanks!


  3. My mom had a sweet story she’d always tell about my adoption. It was the biggest thing I missed after her passing- for very long time. I wish it had been written down for those earlier years. It’s something I think would bless any adopted child–to have ‘their story’ hand written by their parents.


  4. Hey, Andrew! Just wanted to contribute another neat fact: Perdita is the name of a lost child from Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale.” She’s abandoned by her father and is adopted by a shepherd and his wife.


  5. That is a great way to do it. I still remember the whole process when my mom decided to just break it to me when I was 8. Its etched in my brain. Although, as I grew up, its really a blessing that I found my parents and they took me in 🙂


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