Last Minute Gift For Every Adult You Know

My wife struck the jackpot on my birthday last month. She got me two books that, having read them, have gone on my all-time favorites list. These two books belong under every tree this Christmas.

Read my review of The Reading Promise here. 

The second one, Creativity, Inc., caught my eye in a Barnes and Noble earlier this year. It was sitting on the New Releases display that you see behind the tacky Nook stand. I did a double-take on it because I thought I saw – 71azko7m6+L._SL1500_

Yep, I saw Buzz Lightyear’s silhouette, taking Mickey Mouse’s place as a composer. Being a hopeless Pixar fanatic, I rushed right to it and made a note to put it on my birthday wish list.

Businesspeople, managers, supervisors, artists, writers, creative-types, each and every one, take note:


It is written by Ed Catmull, the president and cofounder of Pixar Animation Studios.

If I were to start picking out highlights from this book to share with you, I might as well just start copying the whole thing word for word in this post, and I don’t think WordPress would give me that much space to write.

Pixar Animation Studios is more than a company that consecutively makes the world’s most beloved movies, it is a corporation, a business. And it is a business run well.

As you read through the founding of Pixar, you’ll begin to realize that just as Steve Jobs completely reinvented personal technology, and John Lasseter revived the animation world, Catmull has reimagined – and put into practice – the way business is run.

This isn’t our grandfather’s suit-and-tie world anymore. This is a world where leaders and organizers need to be open to good ideas coming from anywhere.

If you’re like me and you’re more of the creative persuasion, whether you write or draw, this book is equally for you as well. I will be returning to this book often for inspiration about the grueling and relentless process of storytelling and how to persevere. If you draw, you’ll learn new ways to gain inspiration for your craft.

And if you’re just a Pixar buff, you’ll find loads and loads of fun facts and information about Pixar you can’t find anywhere else. And as a special treat, Catmull invites his readers into a meeting where he records a particular exchange in a meeting about Pixar’s upcoming movie, Inside Out, and also gives us a peek in the future about where Pixar is headed.

Don’t think about it. Just get this book, wrap it up, and I absolutely promise you that the receiver will thank you long after he or she has read it. And then ask to borrow it and read it yourself.

And pick up my ebook, I Am the Lion while you’re at it.

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17 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift For Every Adult You Know

    1. OMG! Just browsing comments on this blog and I guess I just rolled across the Oak Ridge tag on yours. I live there and love it. Our back deck overlooks Melton Hill Lake. We’ve lived there for 3 years and every time we drive down Edgemoor I say to myself that I at least need to enter Haw Ridge.

      1. You absolutely do. Its gorgeous, and some of the trails are a worthy challenge. Ill bet the view from your house is awesome.

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