A Letter to My Foster Daughter on Her First Birthday

Little girl,

You’re a year old now, although we’ve only known you for 11 months. I’ll never forget seeing you for the first time in the nurse’s arms after the foster care program told us we could go see you in the hospital.

My first three thoughts were: You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You look just like my wife – your foster mother. And, I know we’ll adopt you one day and you’ll be a Toy. 

I still think all three of those things every day.

Sometimes I go to work and I get a little teary-eyed when I think of you because I am just so thankful for you. And when I drive home, most days I just start laughing because I’m so excited to see you.

I’m always wondering what you’re going to be like when you grow older.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor going to be? What will you want to be when you grow up? Who will your favorite Disney princess be? Will you eat sugary cereal with your dad in the mornings, or share a pot of coffee with your mom? Will you love dinosaurs more or Volkswagens?

Last year we found you – and that made it the best year ever. This year will be even better, because I believe you will be a Toy, and we’re going to celebrate that for like a whole month (but really, for the next seventeen years)!

Your mom and I are so proud of you and are thankful for you. Nothing on the planet has ever made us happier and brought us so much joy and laughter. You, little girl, are the greatest gift we’ve ever received.

Happy birthday, Baby. Rest assured there will always be enough salsa in the house for both of us.

Love, Daddy

Hope you love the doll Mommy made you!


Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

50 thoughts on “A Letter to My Foster Daughter on Her First Birthday

  1. That is so beautiful 🙂 I admire foster parents, for what they do the kids. Working in medical records, I see much more the scope of what foster parents take on, and it’s pretty daunting in some cases. Thank you.

    1. It’s pretty amazing to fall so deeply in love with someone that’s not blood-related or a potential mate. Simply for the pleasure of blessing them and loving them as much as possible.

  2. This is so sweet. Like strawberry-cake-with-cherry-on-top kind of sweet. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her father. 🙂 oh, and happy 1st birthday to your kid!

    1. Thank you! Some days I’m sure others would be better suited or less-tempermental, but luckily I have a wife who is deserving of our lil girl every single day 🙂

  3. Any luck in the adoption proceedings? Have parental rights been terminated? If so, the rest is just a waiting game. I remember those days both before and after parental rights termination. Our girl is 13 now and driving us crazy as is the right of every 13 and 14 year old female – and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

    1. If you catch me at the right moment, I’ll completely lose it if I think of my little girl being 13 – I think you just caught me at just that moment! Termination of parental rights should be taking place in a couple of months.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet, loving letter to your daughter! (Happy 1st birthday to her!) On a side note, what do you mean by she will be a “Toy?” I haven’t heard that term used in this context before.

  5. Good job Dad. I remember first bringing my son home (who is now six), and just sitting next to him in the middle of the night, listening to him breath. And I remeber wondering what his voice was going to sound like when he was finally able to speak.

  6. Happy Birthday Baby A! You’re pretty blessed to have such a loving Mom and Dad. I hope you share a wonder day with them full of Disney princesses and dinosaurs! January birthdays are the best!

  7. Happy Birthday Baby Girl, soon to be Toy. I wish you every joy. And hey, I vote for coffee, not because I don’t want you to eat sugary cereal with Dad…but you know, coffee….yum 🙂

    Congratulations Mr. Toy. I hope this year is even better than last!

    1. No, it’s not. I was really skeptical when my wife told me about it, but in real life it’s actually really, really cute. I guess having no face just makes you unphotogenic 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

    That is so wonderful to read; thank you for sharing this letter! You should hand write it and put in a place for her in the future.

    Also, how come y’all have been able to adopt her yet? I assume there are rules/laws in place preventing you, or financial issues.

    1. The only thing in our way is time. It’s just a waiting game since the courts set dates far out. We’re *hoping* by summer. In the meantime, we’re extremely happy, happy, happy to have her.

  9. What a special letter to your special little girl! So happy that you were able to obtain her as a baby and that things are working out towards a final adoption, and you can know that she is yours. Wishing you and your family well. The doll is adorable.

  10. This made me smile :). I enjoy that you are giving a home and family to this little cutie, and she is giving you guys precious joy and love! Enjoy reading this made my heart warm.

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