Break Well


On my breaks at work, I work.

I have my laptop with me, I go out to my car, and I write.

It’s nothing work-related – my job is not important enough for that. But my writing is important. It’s important to me that I write well enough to get a ticket out of this day job. So I don’t waste a second writing as much as I can during the small amount of time that’s given to me.

My colleagues however, go out to their cars and sleep. Or smoke. Or text.

And if they’re not in their cars, they’re in the break room watching The Steve Harvey Show or The Price is Right. And then they go back to their desk and complain about how much they hate their job.

So, I ask you, if you hate your day job – if you haven’t reached your dream job yet – how are you spending your breaks at work this week?

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Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

39 thoughts on “Break Well

  1. That is so totally awesome my friend. Of course, I’m a piggy so I don’t actually have a job technically. I mean I do if you look at it through the perspective that my job is to make people laugh… or wee on themselves at least once a day. So if they do that, then I’ve done my job per say well. Follow me – oinks? But my mom, she has a job at the worky place away from the house. And like you, she uses her break time wisely. She writes… and sends me texts occasionally that I write about. So yeah – job well done my friend. I’ll stop rambling now and go make sure daddy is fixing my breakfast the right way. Snorts – it’s kind of hard to go wrong with Cheerios but I gotta watch. XOXO – Bacon


  2. This is so true! If you have the burning desire to write, you will make time. I write because I want to remember the things I’ve learned, experienced, and desire to accomplish.


  3. Thanks for this post. It is exactly what I needed this morning to remember what I do this writing stuff for. Today’s break will be taken with my notebook and pen.


  4. Oh, I can relate so well to this. I often sit and write at lunch break , in my car. It is such a nice break from my job…not that I hate my job but everyone needs a break and to do something creative mixes it up! Love your article. Best of luck to you.


  5. I don’t have specific break times, but because my work is intense mentally, when I take breaks between tasks, I try to stretch or walk or do something that grounds me in my body. Over lunches, I run home and walk the dog. I listen to podcasts and eat my lunch as I drive and as I walk the dog.


  6. Breaks are like little treasures to me. I go outside soak in the fresh air, read blogs, & think about new topics to write or film about. Great question to have us all think about how we spend every free minute we get!


  7. When I’m on break, I read blog posts/ novels or listened to worthwhile music. So I spend my breaks loving and appreciating written words. Haha.
    I cannot write at work, it is just awkward. I have my ideas when I’m about to sleep at night. So yeah, I write at night.
    But good advice. 🙂


  8. I admire your determination. I don’t do anything constructive during my breaks (just grab lunch and maybe read a bit.)


  9. Love your determination. When I was in school, I used to study on my work breaks – I didn’t have any friends at work because I was so busy doing my own thing. When I graduated college, I studied for my PCAT and applied for jobs (that had nothing to do with healthcare because I was trying to get away). Now — I’m an event planner. And I eat at my desk and work – but I absolutely love my job, so I guess it’s not even really a job! Haha

    Best of luck to you, hope your ticket comes sooner then later!


  10. This made me smile. I am a childcare provider and in between changing diapers and playing hide and seek, I write, read or research. I am glad the kids haven’t poured tea or pap on my tablet yet. Keep up the good work. All of them.


  11. So often we complain about our day-jobs. But we fail to do something about it – we should see our day job as a tool to help us get to something better, something that is our goal. Our day-jobs give us the financial ability to do so, it keeps us afloat. And, like you, we can also use our time wisely to take another small step towards achieving our goal. Great post, thank you.

    PS, thank you for stopping by at my blog earlier 🙂


    1. I love, love, love this comment! I needed this reminder so bad as I’m currently behind my desk at work and reading this (Shhhh!!). Your comment helped me more than you know 🙂


      1. Thanks! I must confess, I have myself been struggling to balance my day job and my goal to blog more regularly. Your efforts and comment is motivational 🙂


  12. I write all day. My lunch break, I take a break and think about how to impact the world enough to crave out paradise for our children. I think about, how I can inspire others to think of others. I take that hour, to reflect on purpose; then I punch back and start to act on my thoughts.


  13. Let me ask you a provocative question: if you can put in a full half hour or hour writing on your break, are you really giving as much to your work *or* to your writing as you could be?
    When I put in a full day of work, I’m exhausted – mentally and physically. I need my break to be a *break*; I have no creative energy left for writing because it went into my work. To tell people to write on their break is like telling them to do away with this time-wasting thing called “sleep” and instead put the night to better use. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s great that you can do this. But don’t go looking down on other people if they can’t; some of us have different energy budgets or more draining jobs than others. Just sayin’. 🙂


    1. Definitely not looking down on anyone, just putting out a challenge. Work sucks everything out of me, as it does most people, but I choose to ignore the exhaustion and press on, not willing to stay handcuffed to this place. Forgive the morbid analogy, but if prisoner wants to escape jail, he must work all day to appease the guards and work tirelessly at night to dig while the guards are asleep. No time for rest, but at least he’s closer to escape. (We’ll assume this particular prisoner is innocent.)


  14. Good for you! I have a soul-sucking, exhausting day job as well. I also try to
    Scrible something down on my notebook during my limited break-time at work.. It makes me feel like im doing somethiing to improve myself.


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