Adoption Update (Enter A Hundred Exclamation Points Here)


I’m sitting at work on the phone with a customer and, just now, I get a text from Sarabeth:

“Adoption Date!!!!!!!!! July 22 @ 9:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yes, friends. After having Baby A. be a part of our home for the last 548 wonderful days, she will now officially be recognized as a Toy by the state and the world.

Sitting here at work at my desk, it’s very hard not to break down and cry right now.

Next week, we will be revealing Baby A.’s real name and so much more! Keep checking back for updates.

July 22nd 2015: The best day of our lives so far…

Follow the adoption updates closely here!

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Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

36 thoughts on “Adoption Update (Enter A Hundred Exclamation Points Here)

  1. This may seem like an odd suggestion, but the day that Kayla’s adoption hearing was held, we also scheduled a family picture of the three of us at a local Sears. That picture remains one of my favorites of all time; Kayla was old enough to understand that she was officially ours, and all three of us are so lit up we’re almost glowing from within.


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  2. Congrats. We just adopted our son this past May (though the official decree on paper was held up until June due a delayed subsidy payment). Our kiddo was in the foster system for nearly 4 years, over 2 of them with us after being in 7 placements for settling into our home. He continues to be a challenge and a blessing… and ever will be, which is exactly why our Higher Power bonded our hearts from the moment we met and called us unexpectedly to become this child’s adopted parents and to make our home his forever home. All my best to you.


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