The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm

403coverI read John Grisham’s The Firm back in high school for class. For an assigned book, I remember being pretty impressed. But as a high schooler, I didn’t allow myself to fully accept how awesome an assigned book could be.

Having just read it again as an adult as part of the Grisham Challenge, I’ve got to say that this book is now considered one of my desert island books. Couldn’t. Stop. Reading. It.

No wonder John Grisham gained such a heavy and substantial following with the release of this book. Even if all the circumstances in the book aren’t completely believable, it’s sure one heck of a fun read!

Imagine getting your dream job, and not only that, but they pay you out the nose, with virtually unlimited vacation time – paid in full – money for a down payment on a house, a company car, the works. That’s the sort of job our protagonist signs up for. But unfortunately he comes to realize that it really was all too good to be true and nothing – absolutely nothing – is as good as it seems.

There’s very little violence in this book – maybe a page worth, but the drama and suspense runs at virtually a 10 from page one. Grab ahold of this Grisham thriller and dazzle yourself.

Published by Andrew Toy

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9 thoughts on “The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm

  1. I remember loving this when I first read it….the pace, the plot, the utter craziness and fun. Then I read “A Time To Kill” which continues to be, in my opinion, his best work. How I wish he would slow down his writing pace and better his efforts to recapture the magic. Everything after, while an enjoyable read, just hasn’t had the oomph of those first two. Still, I keep reading.


  2. I think I saw the movie first, and was so taken with it that I had to read the book. I am a Grisham fan for life. Thanks for sharing your grown-up reactions.


  3. I don’t know about you but I was cheering out loud toward the end of he book every time something Mitch set in motion came together! I especially like the character of his brother and the part he played in the whole scheme. This has always been my favorite Grisham book. After this would come “A Time To Kill” then “The Pelican Brief”.


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