Welcome To September


Pumpkins and scarecrows adorn shop windows and Target has Halloween costumes up for grabs. Even though the grocery stores are piling up on endless supplies of candy, all the kids are a bit downcast because they’re faced with a whole year of school ahead of them.

Welcome to September.

The end of summer, shorter days, longer nights, and browner leaves.

And a slow, dreadful preparation for winter.

But that’s just the thing. If you’re like me, you’re always looking back wishing it were the glory days of summer or dreading the drudgery days of winter ahead. You’re never living in the moment. You’re never taking the time to just enjoy the season for what it is.

Fall is everyone’s favorite time of year. It’s not too hot to stay inside or too cold to necessitate the use of all the hot water in the house. You can open the windows and begin building your Christmas list while looking for the best recipe for butterbeer. I think what Green Day meant to sing was, “Wake Me Up When September Starts.”

It’s the perfect season, and maybe this year we can learn to just enjoy it for what it is and live in the moment.

And if I don’t, will you remind me to? Because I’m not getting any younger, and my Septembers are falling off.

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Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To September

  1. Times and seasons keeps changing but most importantly i’m reminded to enjoy my evryday living. Now as a human being that can be difficult depending on whether its a a pleasant or unpleasant season. But anyhow lets enjoy our seasons and like you said we are not getting any younger. So i’m Reminding you to enjoy the season. Beautiful September picture you have there in this post.


  2. Lovely post, I love looking at the beautiful fall pics. We don’t have autumn that looks like this in my part of the world – Mumbai. Makes me realise how we take our surroundings for granted.

    I think we have the most beautiful and charming monsoons here. I loved them as a kid and still enjoy sitting by the window just to watch the rain fall. I haven’t done it in a while though… may be this weekend I will. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Sometimes my husband and I put together a checklist for the season – like everything we want to do in a particular season. For Fall, it might include items like “make home made apple cider” or “visit a pumpkin farm” or “have friends over for pie” or whatever you enjoy doing in Fall. Then just try to do as many as you can or as many as you want to do but the ideas are all there, so it’s easier to just pick one then have to think of them in the moment.


  4. “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” I really try to stay in the day, but last winter when it was so darn cold, I couldn’t help but dream of sunshine. But when you look at the continuity of life, the season make more sense and can be borne more patiently — with another pair of socks.


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