30 Years Ago Today, the World Met This Little (or Big) Guy

super-mario-bros-pc-game-imagengrande1_yf87Can’t believe it’s been thirty years ago since the world was introduced to possibly one of the most iconic figures in video game history. Not being a “gamer” myself, I still have logged away many hours guiding the little plumber through myriads of obstacle courses and kicking turtle shells into angry mushrooms.

Celebrate your childhood by sharing your favorite Mario game and perhaps let us all in on a few secret tips you might have to beat certain levels. Power up!

Published by Andrew Toy

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9 thoughts on “30 Years Ago Today, the World Met This Little (or Big) Guy

  1. I still have my Nintendo console. I should get it out and play Super Mario and Super Mario Brothers 3 to celebrate. I was not very good at them. I enjoyed watching my younger brother play with his friends. Then later my daughter and son.


  2. The music still brings back wonderful memories I had with my brother playing this game. I can’t recall any great tips but I do recall great times playing it. So much fun! Thanks for this share! πŸ™‚


  3. Super Mario 3 is my favorite. I loved turning Mario into the little flying raccoon πŸ˜€ I know there’s a name for the little suit but I was not enough of a gamer to remember what it was actually called but I loved it.


  4. Thank you making me feel old. My favorite Mario game (besides the original) is actually Mario Kart for Wii. I don’t know of any secrets for it though. A shortcut on one level, and shaking the wheel to do tricks off of jumps and land at a faster speed is another tip, but I wouldn’t say that is secret.


  5. Great invention (or should I say “birth”?) that of Super Mario!
    But do you know which was Mario’s surname? The Japanese company inventing it disclosed it recently. His surname was (also!) Mario!
    Mr Mario Mario!! Very typical… πŸ™‚


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