Do you want your name (and/or blog) published in a book?

A chance for a video of you to be posted for thousands to see?

Bragging rights to be the first to read possibly the next big teen book to hit Kindles all over campus?

Here’s the rub.

In several weeks I’ll be completing my new teen book called These Great Affects. Set in Louisville, KY Adelle Hitchens meets Trill Vikus. He’s a bit of a rebel, kind of insensitive, but really cute. Adelle is a “hardcore introvert,” overly sensitive, and struggling to find her voice in this world. Trill is about to change all that. Adelle begins to fall for him, but the romance is cut short when Trill is unexpectedly killed. But that doesn’t stop Adelle from falling more in love with him when he visits her as a ghost and they must figure out how to love without having each other.


If so, email me at and let me know you want to read it when I’m finished with it. I will then send you a PDF copy and when you’re done reading it, you can do a video review of the book, which I’ll splice together with other reviewers.

(Oh, along with the book, I’ll send you the list of songs to accompany the book which I’m using as a soundtrack to propel the story.)

If you review it, I’ll publish your name in the final version, along with your blog name if you have one, or Youtube channel, or whatever you want publicized.

If you love the book then you can tell all your friends and teachers to read it. If you hate it, well, your name will still go in the book and you’re not obligated to tell anyone about it.

Email me at Also, if you’re a high school or junior high teacher, you might want to consider this as an extra credit activity for your class, so email me and we’ll chat.

Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter and get the word out there to all the teens you know.

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Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

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