First Draft of My YA Novel Completed

First off, thank you SO much to those of you who posted questions about writing on yesterday’s post. I will be addressing each one of your questions in subsequent posts.

Yesterday at around 3:00 EST I sat in a Starbucks by my house and tears flowed down my face. My earbuds were plugged into my ears and Coldplay was singing about a sky full of stars.

I completed the first draft of my fourth book. My editor and I are now hard at work to bring you the best book possible – a completely fulfilling and emotional reading experience you will not be able to walk away from unchanged.

Many of you have read snippets about my YA novel, These Great Affects. I wasn’t crying at Starbucks because I was so happy to finish. I was crying because the book is heart-shatteringly sad!

It is a raw look at a girl who befriends a charming boy, but she doesn’t fall in love with him until after he dies in a tragic and senseless accident.

I believe it has everything a YA novel should have and, I hope, more. Love, humor, joy, devastation, prom night, out-of-touch parents, first loves, first kisses, death.

In These Great Affects, I hope people of all ages will fall in love with the main characters, be reminded of the joy and terror of high school, and maybe learn to appreciate the life that is given to them and live it the best they can while they’re still here.

There is no release date yet, and I have a lot of people in line to review an advanced reader’s copy of the book. I’m still accepting requests, so if you’re interested in doing that, check out this link for instructions.

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17 thoughts on “First Draft of My YA Novel Completed

  1. I finished a book at a coffee shop once. With tears in my eyes, I just looked around, trying to find someone who might understand what just happened, so I could hug them and cry some more. So liberating, and sad, and wonderful, and exhausting, and inspiring. Quite like giving birth, I think. Congratulations on finishing the draft! That’s excellent!

  2. Congrats! Whew, finally got it out of your head. I have no doubt we will all enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your work with us

  3. Congratulations on finishing. It sounds like it’s going to be a great book and perfectly timed too. ‘Reading’ is the new ‘cool.’ YA’s have to have read the new book otherwise they’re out of the discussion. Lol, and we can’t have that. My 17 year old daughter’s felt like they were being punished if I didn’t take them to Barnes and Noble every Saturday morning. Forget waiting until it came to the library. Lol.

  4. Sounds like a winner; I’ve got two YA readers in my own house that would probably find this to be a good one. It’s already on their list – whether they know it or not.

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