I’m Starting a Publishing Company. Want to Join?


***Please note that I am currently closed to submissions at this point, as I have chosen not one, but two people out of my strong list of candidates.***

After many years of dreaming, pondering, and contemplating, I’ve decided to start my own publishing company.

Sure, most authors do that nowadays, so on the surface, this isn’t a very big decision. But if you’ve read any of my books, you know that I don’t do things like everyone else.

I don’t want just a successful company, but I envision a unique business where authors thrive and support each other for the benefit of their own careers and the company.

I need help.

Because I envision this thing being much bigger than me, I would like someone to join me in this venture.

If you’re interested, please review the list of qualities/requirements I’m looking for in potential candidates:

Applicants must:

  • Have tons of drive and ambition and an attitude that never gives up
  • Have a spirit that is willing to foster others with talent and help them succeed
  • Have a deep love of Story as well as a desire to bring out the full potential in each book
  • Have some experience with editing and writing (experience will be measured on a case-by-case basis)
  • Be willing to challenge the “tried and true” and buck tradition in favor of risk, creativity, and innovation

Not required, but would be helpful:

  • Live close to Louisville, KY
  • Be familiar with the Pixar business model (found in Creativity, Inc.) and agree this is the best way to do business

If you’re interested in applying and scheduling a phone interview with me, email me a little bit about yourself at author.andrewtoy@gmail.com. We’re keeping it casual, here!

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94 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Publishing Company. Want to Join?

  1. That would be such a dream job for me. Too bad I’m so under qualified in the experience department. But maybe one day that won’t be so!


    1. I don’t have an answer for that. My partner and I would be busy for sure, but we would be able to share the load. I think the mentality would be: “The harder we work, the quicker we’ll get there.”

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      1. cause i can’t join… 🙄
        I have to grow up first…anyways, its a nice idea..You already know I’m rooting for you…You’re one of my writing mentors so I’m hoping it works out good for you. Goodluck!


  2. Good luck to you, James! It’s a venture that’s time- and labor-intensive, but it can be quite worthwhile. I applaud your intention to build a ‘family’ of writers – that’s part of what makes it worth the effort. My partner and I did this 5 or 6 years ago and have published over a dozen books to date.

    We’re still in business – it was fast and furious at first, then went in high and low cycles. Things are very slow right now, but that means – since I edit all the submissions and manuscripts – that I can focus on my own writing until things pick up again.

    Looking forward to hearing good things from your new venture!

    ~~ Genie


        1. I’d recommend crowd funding too! Use a site like Kickstarter or Seedr to pitch your business idea and people can donate money in exchange for ‘rewards’ which can be anything from a thank you on the website, to free books, the chance to have their manuscript reviewed, an opportunity to meet you (if they live nearish), a google hangout with you to talk about writing and so on…
          Very popular way for startups to get funding!

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  3. My own company, Prairie Sky Publishing, just celebrated a year, and I’d love to compare notes at some point and maybe even brainstorm ideas that would benefit both of us. All the best!


  4. Yes, many other have gone before you, but I find you very brave. so I wish you and your future partner (s), tons of luck and good fortune. And we hope to here more about it soon.


  5. Would LOVE to be in on this. However, I’m in Northern Ontario, Canada, was the publisher for a medical college-level text book on Nursing Foot Care (which has gone National) and loved it (I was layout person and cover design (adobe inDesign), but have also done editing in the past)…so not sure if I can lend anything of value…let me know what you think.
    At any rate, I may submit material to you! Good luck!


  6. Sounds amazing and I wish you Good luck! I am from Jamaica but my native is Slovak. I am fluent in English but not perfect so I am not sure if I meet your requirements. I have a lot of experience with editing and translating from EN to SK also 4 years in a row were successfully published my children stories in Slovakia. Some of my English poems and short stories you can find in my archive. I am also an amateur painter and photographer. So if there is any way to can join you, I am open for this great idea.


  7. Good luck with it, an exciting step! I would be very interested in submitting my book once I’ve finished it, I have no idea how a publishing company works and I live in the UK so no help with running I’m afraid!


  8. Congrats and best of luck! I’m not in a position to join this venture right now, but I will spread the word far and wide. If you’re looking for some graphic design work, I know a guy…


  9. That is a good and fun idea, as easy as getting a publisher to print your books, and the ISBN’s are cheaper. I seem only to do non-fiction, and do not spell well, but doing Shakespeare and writing the Lear book makes me able to edit. An ability clicks on after a few hundred pages, and you can see. I have a non-fiction book on the Revelation (with Chapter One free on the website). This could sell quite well, especially if it is among the best commentaries, since the Left behind series sold millions. If one percent of readers cared about the truth rather than the fiction of the matter, and reading the book. To publish this right now is 1800$ through Zondervan, who began their company in just the way you are beginning.

    Promotion is important: My Lear book publisher never sent out review copies, and hold the e-book version at 60$, as though they were trying to sell zero. I will not print with them again, or give up rights.

    You can hook an e-junkie to a website and sell e-book copies to fund the physical books. Mine would work, but wordpress and Google etc. limit access, and I won’t do google or facebook, because they are not responsible but profiteering with personal information. They do face recognition on one year olds with no one’s consent, and the multitude just love it!. Some will sell everything, but we say “We don’t need to make money that way.” Keep your principles, and good luck!


    1. It would help if I edited my own comments! And wrote in complete sentences! From Socrates: Every writing or story has a beginning, middle and end. They have geometric shapes, like a circle with concentric rings (Plato’s Republic) or an oval (Homer’s Iliad) with very precise points. “Every word is laid in like a brick,” my teachers would say.


  10. I was just wondering. Is this for a job or just to join as a writer? I don’t personally write books (yet) but I absolutely adore reading! I live in Florida where I attend school online. I’m not sure if I have anything special to give towards your publishing company, but would love to learn more about it if I could apply. Thank you!


  11. I wish you the best of luck. I am currently searching for publishers to publish my four books. I live in Delaware and maybe when you get your publishing place all set up, we can work together to get my books published.


  12. Congratulations! I hope this dream turns into a reality that you would never have imagined, even as a writer! I hope that you have people come forward who share your vision and your drive and that success will be imminent. If I ever get around to actually finishing my novel, can I keep you in mind? DAF


  13. Hi Andrew. Hello from London. I wish you the very best of luck with your new venture. I’ve worked in the publishing industry for a long time, and it’s a great place. Sure, it’s hard – I work in sales and marketing, and trying to sell new authors and books is no easy task, I can tell you – but it’s wonderfully rewarding. And the people are very, very nice. Why wouldn’t they be, they’re booklovers?
    Reading your post reminded me of a conversation I had with a very new publisher at the London Book Fair some years ago. This guy had started a publisher specialising in the pretty arcane area of European Jewish history. He looked around and saw the huge fancy booths of Penguin, Macmillan etc. and asked, how can I compete with these guys. My only response was, ‘You can’t. …You have to be the best publisher of books on European Jewish history. Don’t try being Penguin, you will fail.’ Well, maybe I didn’t use the word ‘fail’. But the point is, you have to be the best at what you do.
    You obviously have a clear vision of what your company should be and what you want to achieve, so you’re off to a great start.
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures.
    Mel Byron


    1. Mel, thank you so much for sharing this story. It was awesome, your words are awesome, and you’re awesome. Read this at the best time.


  14. SO AMAZING! Way to shoot for your dreams! Best of luck to you!! Can’t wait to see more & the progress you’ll be making!


  15. I agree with the Kickstarter suggestion.

    Also, I write for a startup magazine. They are two college artists; one is a former student of mine. I write; they draw. They just won a grant that will help them create themselves as a legal partnership, aka, a publishing company. They did research and thought that was the way to go verses an LLC.

    You have my email address. I currently teach high school and don’t know if I could disrupt my life too much right now, especially with my own little book coming out in April, but I’d love to chat regardless!


  16. Thanks for following SDW/EG on WordPress. I hope you’ll check out my personal blog as well – https://sandrayeaman.wordpress.com/. I’m just getting started there. My goal is to share reviews of books I’ve read, tips on writing, and sneak peaks into the journey I am documenting from my life as a self-absorbed adventure seeker to my life on a mission.

    And I’ll be following you back!


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