How Starting a Business is Like Space Travel



Starting a business, as you might guess, is pretty terrifying.

I trust you know all about the writing contest my publishing company, Endever, is hosting. We will be awarding the best 500-word story $150 as well as publication on this blog AND on Endever’s new blog.

Anyway, my partners and I are like three astronauts strapped to our seats in a rocket ship counting down to take off.

And we know one of three things will happen.

  1. We go to the moon and complete our mission. In this scenario, we get at least 65 submissions, we choose the three finalists to publish, and everyone votes for the winner. Further, we raise enough funding to register our business and explore territories untouched in the publishing industry.
  2. We have an Apollo 13 incident. This scenario is where we get into space, but something goes haywire. Perhaps we get the funding to get our business off the ground, but then something happens that prevents us from becoming as big as we expect. Endever, I believe, is revolutionary enough that this is the most plausible outcome. But this is not exempt from any business startup. Ever.
  3. We have a Challenger disaster. This is where we don’t even receive funding to get our business up and running. Or we don’t get to publish our first book because, say, plague-infested unicorns bite us and we die from boils. Basically, our spaceship blows up on live TV and everyone mourns our fateful, and detoured, departure from earth.

Why do I spell out these dire possibilities? Because I believe scenario 1 will happen. I believe we will, as Bing Bong says, “Take Riley to the moon.”

But I’m a normal guy like you. I have my doubts and fears. But I’ve strapped myself in the spaceship and I’m hoping like Lee Ann Womak that this will work.

I believe that all my writer friends and loyal blog followers will submit their 500-word short stories RIGHT HERE for a chance to win $150 and get published. This will also, assuredly, go toward helping Endever Publishing Studios not blow up upon takeoff.

But if it does, at least I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

Click here to submit! (deadline is February 25th)

Follow Endever on Facebook and Twitter to watch us grow!

Any questions, email us at or ask below.

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Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

9 thoughts on “How Starting a Business is Like Space Travel

  1. I believe in scenario number one too and sometimes having others believe in you is all it takes to remember that you can and will do it.


  2. How about keeping a detailed journal about the experience of starting this company and eventually publishing a warts and all book based on that? Or a fictionalized version of the story? That way even a ‘worst case scenario’ will produce some marketable content

    That said, best of luck, and I look forward to reading the winning entries


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