3 Ways Endever Will Differ From Other Publishers

I’ve been talking a lot about how my publishing company, Endever, will stand apart from traditional publishing houses. I’ve started a blog that will walk you through the journey of getting it up and running. I encourage you to click on the link below to take you to it and watch the five-minute video about three keynote ways Endever plans to change the way publishing is done.

Click here to watch the video on Endever’s blog.ย 

If you’re unable to watch the video, I’ve listed three of our notable operating procedures here:

  1. When it’s time for us to accept manuscript submissions, we will ask that you send in a 3-5 minute video pitching your book idea to us. No more querying or faceless book proposals. We want to experience the spirit and the passion behind the book.
  2. Once we take on your book, we will assign a dedicated team to help polish it up to make it the best book possible. At Endever, we believe that even the greatest ideas often start off as terrible books. Our goal will be to shape that idea into the best book possible, while still allowing the author and conceiver of the idea to remain the author.
  3. Each book will feature a short story written by members of Endever or potential outside talent. This is not only to provide our readers with more entertainment, but to showcase up and coming talent and give aspiring authors aย chance to shine. This is a huge reason for you to submit your short story to our writing contest, because the winner will receive $150 plus the chance to be published in one of our upcoming books. Click here for more details and get your submission in by February 25th.ย 

Follow Endeverblog, and watch our progress and growth via Twitter and Facebook.

Published by Andrew Toy

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20 thoughts on “3 Ways Endever Will Differ From Other Publishers

  1. This is incredible! Making your publishing staff and authors feel more accessible will be an asset to your publishing company. It could have the potential to reach the younger generation and help them become lifelong readers. Please, continue to post updates!


  2. I like these ideas apart from having a short story featured inside the book. If I’m publishing my book I want to publish my book, not someone else’s story.


    1. Fair enough. We believe in collaborating authors, which we know goes against the grain of most of our core beliefs, but if we’re all struggling to break into the industry by going it alone, then the other option is to help each other succeed.

      Liked by 1 person

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