Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios”

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There are only 7 days left; the deadline to get your 500-word story in is February 25th. The cost is $10 and three finalists will have their stories published on this blog, and the winner will win $150, plus first dibs on publishing a short story with Endever. Click here for more details.

Several weeks ago I revealed the name of my new publishing company, Endever Publishing Studios.

The name Endever is twofold.

  1. It is the combination of the words endless  and forever. 

After circling over and over in my head the countless possibilities for names to brand my publishing company with, I decided that it had to be both a name that was made-up, so as not to be confused with anyone/anything else.

In the same vein the whole idea of story possibilities being “endless” as space and space stretching out into “forever” kept creeping back into my skull. So I put the two together and ended up with Endever.

     2. It evokes the familiar word endeavor. 

This is a phrase we all know and it often casts a positive light on our psyche. When we hear “endeavor,” we think of a journey, an expedition, or a long haul often set by pioneers in the field.

After all, that’s what starting a business is, right? An endeavor? So far, it has been both a scary yet rewarding experience and the possibilities yet to come are endless.

And what about the last part? Why not “Endever Publishing House,” or “Endever Publishing Company”? What’s with “Studios”?

By definition, a studio is a workroom for artists, such as painters and sculptures. And that’s what writers essentially do, right? Sculpt stories? Paint pictures for the world to see?

Also, one of Endever’s pioneering traits is to keep up with the trends of the 21st century. And somehow, “House” sounds too old-fashioned and “Company” sounds too cocky.

I decided on “Studios” because that’s one of the core tenants of how we differ from other publishers. We are acting more like a movie studio than a traditional publishing house. We are doing this by:

  1. Accepting video submissions, rather than written queries, of book proposals.
  2. Assigning a team of people to collaborate on each book production.
  3. Including a short story by aspiring authors to be featured at the front of each book.

To view this list with more details, click here.

My team and I hope that you’re taking advantage of the writing contest we’re hosting to help raise funds to register Endever as a business with the state of Kentucky. Remember, contest ends February 25th.

Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

6 thoughts on “Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios”

  1. Are you sponsoring a writing contest for 2017? Last year’s contest had a February 25th deadline for a fictional story. Please reply.


    1. Thank you for your interest in a writing contest. At this time we don not plan on anything so that we can focus our attention on book releases and other business matters. But if we do put another one together, then we will certainly make it known.


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