Winner and Writing Contest #2 Announced!

coverA huge congratulations to Jared Johnson for winning Endever’s first writing contest with his short story, “Sunstalker of the Badlands.” As the winner, he has won $150 as well as an opportunity to write a short story to be featured in the front of one of Endever’s books.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who submitted. You will be hearing from us shortly in regards to your story with tips and advice to help elevate your writing to the next level.

At Endever, we are young and very new to the game, thus we don’t have everything perfected yet. So we are open to changes and suggestions you may have in regards to future writing contests. We would love it if you submitted your feedback to us at for ways we can improve future contests.

And now we’d like to announce Endever’s next writing contest. This time for a chance to win $200. 

The-Flip-Side-of-LoveWe are hard at work on our first book production at Endever Publishing Studios, a YA novel about a girl who falls in love with a boy after he dies. The book opens up with our protagonist, Adelle, believing that love is spelled with a “D” on the end. According to her, all love stories eventually end up as loved stories, as in, “He loved me but no longer does.”

She is convinced that if most love stories continued on past the last page or after the credit roll, they would all end up as loved stories. Unless it’s that rare story where the couple dies together in the end.

So we want to know if you agree with Adelle. Here are the rules for our next writing contest:

Contestants are to choose a love story, be it a popular fairy tale or a contemporary story (book or movie), and write what happens to that couple after that story ends. Do they stay together? Do they separate? Is there conflict that is introduced into their lives that challenges their relationship? Contestants are to write about the couple utilizing up to 1,000 words. 

The deadline is April 18, and the fee is $12. This fee will go toward the $200 prize as well as helping to fund Endever Publishing Studios to get a foot into the publishing world.

CLICK HERE to submit

And please feel free to contact us at for any questions you may have or leave you comments in the section below.

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