Disney Animation and Baseball

I think every parent wants their kids to show an interest in what they’re invested in. I’m no different.

With my kids being just 1 and 2 their minds are young enough to mold. Obviously, if they show an interest in licorice making or the study of different types of sand in Mid-eastern countries, then I will support them and show an interest in their passions. But until then, I want them to know what their father loves so maybe I can pass that love onto them.

5My first passion is Disney animation. In the next couple of years I will be watching a lot of Disney animated films from Snow White to Gigantic in order to study and analyze them. I’m even writing a book about the history and current success of the Disney Animation Studios, so my kids are going to be well-versed in Disney lore as I read aloud to them Walt Disney biographies and animation books.

Perhaps it will inspire one of them to be an animator. Or a screenwriter. Or a storyboard artist.

My other passion is baseball. I don’t watch it on TV or root for any particular team (if I had to pick, it’d be the Dodgers). In truth, I couldball never figure out the point or excitement in televised sports when you have the ability to actually play them or go to the stadium. Instead, I’m talking about playing baseball. I’m hoping to find a local baseball team to join this summer so my kids can watch their old man attempt to knock one out of the park. Or sprain his ankle trying to get past first base.

I’ve been taking the kids to the nearby park so they can chase the balls I hit and bring them back to me. I even bought them a T-ball stand, but they still think it’s fun to hit the stand and not the ball. I’m working with them.

But I hope to infuse the love of baseball in them because it’s one of America’s greatest pastimes and one of the elements that helped make America what it is today. The same goes for Disney animation.

They may not be interested in my passions, but really my goal is simple:

I want them to discover their passion while they’re young so that I can have time to encourage them to pursue it with all their might before they get out in the real world. Too many of us discover our passions too late and I don’t want that to be the case for my kids.

So for now, we’re starting with the basics: A few colorful movies and a baseball.

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Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

11 thoughts on “Disney Animation and Baseball

  1. Great post. We all want the same for our kids, allowing them to discover their passions. Mine are 15 and 17 and they’re chalk and cheese, polar opposites to each other. But they both have passions, one computer related and the other agriculture and horses.


  2. You know – I know so many adults that couldn’t even name their passion, if you asked them, let alone mean to instill them in their children. Good for you and best of luck 🙂


  3. I have that same mentality. In this day and age, it’s seems you have to make your big break so early or else you’re too old to be noticed. But life events change us and shape us. We’re constantly morphing into something new and sometimes that makes it hard to really nail down a specific passion. And when that’s the case, all we can do as parents is encourage and be proud of our children for who they are, not what we wish they could be.


  4. What I’ve noticed after many years of driving mum’s taxi is that at any given kids activity, there’s that bell curve. When you add passion to the outliers, they’re almost unstoppable and the same applies at the rear end, it’s not going to take much for them to stop. That might be a good thing anyway because that frees them up to find something that’s or them. What I’ve found with my daughter is that she’s quite a high achiever and has an equally high sense of self-doubt. This gets compounded too because the better you get, the better the field is as well. This can mean that if someone who is doing very well, doesn’t feel like a success.
    There’s a bit of food for thought xx Rowena


  5. How cool!! I don’t have kids of my own, but I truly enjoy watching my nieces and nephews grow, and develop into “them.’ Went to watch my five year old nephew play soccer last Saturday, and he’s pretty awesome at it :). My other little niece is four, and she’s a great painter. So much fun!!


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