How I Met Your … Friends?


So I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time ever. I’m halfway through season 4, and I love the show. Where has it been all my life? Oh, just right there on my TV but I never bothered to give it a try until Netflix decided to be awesome.

I grew up on Friends, and other than The Fresh Prince, that was my go-to show. (I actually secretly call it The Ross and Chandler Show since I seriously cannot get enough of those two. I mean, Ross getting a spray-on tan – classic.)

maxresdefaultIn many ways the shows are identical. You’ve got the group of friends nearly divided equally between guys and girls. Two side characters get hitched. One of the guys is a playboy who can land any girl he wants (and does). And then you’ve got the main guy on each show (face it, everything revolves around Ross as much as it does Ted), who wants nothing more than to settle down, but just can’t seem to find the time or woman to do it with (which is ironic, because there’s really not many guys like that, so you’d think the girls would flock all over them). There’s Central Perk vs. MacLaren’s; New York/New York (see what I did there?); the guys can’t fight; it’s all about sex; always guaranteed a good time (see what I did there, too?).

The biggest difference I see in the two shows is that the storytelling strengths are there in How I Met Your Mother as the endless laugh-out-loud moments overflow from Friends.

So unless Mother tanks next season (which most shows do around season 5, except for Friends, which held a fairly level streak through all ten seasons), I’m going to be forced to decide which show is better.

That’s like having to choose vanilla or chocolate. Or an eggnog frappuccino or a gingerbread frappuccino (I don’t like hot drinks).

It’ll be like having to choose a favorite child.

So! I want to hear from you all. Am I in for a good time for the duration of Mother, or should I brace for a crash-landing like so many beloved sitcoms tend to succumb to?

It seems to me the writers must have had the ending in mind when they wrote the pilot. Something to do with a yellow umbrella? So do me a favor and let me know what I’m in for, whether that be in the form of hyping or warning.

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23 thoughts on “How I Met Your … Friends?

  1. Hi Andrew! I have never seen the show, but thank you for this post. i subscribe to Netflix and I will check it out. Right now, I am watching a series on Netflix called, “Dark Matters.” It is a science fiction based story of 6 convicts who are sent out in a space ship on a mission. They wake up from suspended sleep only to find out that their memories have been erased and they have no idea who they are. Eventually, they find out where they are headed and why. But will they go through with the evil mission somebody sent them on? I am working on Season 2, and I just found out that Season 3 began filming 2 days ago. It too is a great show.


    1. Right now, Friends is still a step ahead for me just because of how hilarious it is, though Mother is definitely catching up on that front. I just watched “The Fight” and that one slayed me. But Friends has another advantage: The characters were definitely much more realized from the very start.

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  2. Hello! I can definitely see the parallels between “How I Met Your Mother” and “Friends.” I actually watched “How I Met Your Mother” first, before I even saw a single episode of “Friends,” which I know is typically not meant to happen haha. The two shows are very similar; each group of friends has a designated meeting/hang-out place and similar archetypes. I like how you pointed out the differences in storytelling though. The story in “Mother” seems a bit more fleshed out to me and more thought about… I think you should watch “Mother” until the end. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂


    1. Oh, I will! I liked Friend’s ending because it didn’t feel rushed, as I’m sure Mother will be rushed seeing that they’re layering the story with constant side-stories throughout.

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  3. I was going to ask if you ever watched Friends . I love friends Funny happy , How I met your Mother I watched for awhile but then slowly stopped it just did not keep my interest . I am sorry I am just such a Ross and Joey fan hahahah enjoy.


      1. Yes Ross will be. I believe it was 4 seasons so I would say the 4th but do not quote me on that hahaha just sadly lost interests. Another one that is would be good to catch up on is Parks and recreation I like watching reruns when I can’t sleep my adult daughter does as well.


  4. I loved both shows! In fact, I’m currently re-watching Friends for the 3rd (4th?) time. And sometimes it’s a toss-up for me too, but the final season of HIMYM was a huge disappointment. So, I think Friends wins it for me in the end. Have fun watching!


    1. So sad to hear about the last season. I’m still looking forward to seeing how they tie it all together. But I can see Friends winning for me for that same reason. Their last season was just right – not too much drama, took their time closing stories out, not too sappy. It felt like a big sigh of contentment when one of them asks if they want to get coffee and Chandler nonchalantly says, “Where?”

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  5. I’ve heard so much chatter in the last couple of years about How I Met Your Mother that I’m starting to wonder whether I should check it on Netflix too. I know some details about the last episode only because of some friends who watched it and came to our house for a dinner party the weekend after and were chatting about it. So maybe I’ll check it out. And if we’re doing Netflix recommendations, “White Collar”!! All the way!! Love Neal Caffrey (and it’s another show about and set in NYC.)


    1. My wife watched White Collar in like two weeks flat. She loved it. Personally, for a crime show, it wasn’t gritty enough for me, so I passed on it. It had a Hallmark vibe to it.

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      1. My husband and I are currently working our way through the Glen Close series “Damages.” Plenty of grit there. As for “White Collar,” I’m sure your wife loved it for the same reason I did: Matt Bomer. :> But even though it’s more upbeat than most crime shows, I would strongly recommend it to writers because of how well the plot was crafted all the way through the end. Tight, funny writing that stayed true to the proposed premise and the characters. I never saw the ending coming, but it made total sense due to some incredibly subtle foreshadowing.


          1. Come to the rosy, Hallmark-y side of crime thrillers, Andrew. You know you’re curious about it. Everyone’s doing it, and trying it once won’t hurt anything (okay, so my illegal substance pitch may not sound authentic because I’ve never been either the one pitching or being pitched to, but, seriously, give the show a try. :> Think of it as an exercise in experiencing writing outside your preferred genre.)


  6. HIMYM is amazing! Unfortunately, I thought the last season was a disappointment. I loved it the whole way through the series so I watched the last season because I almost felt obligated to after investing that much time into it, but it felt like they had lost vision and were reaching for episodes :/


  7. HIMYM is a great show. Try not to spoil the ending for yourself, as it is…divisive to say the least. It’s hard to say if hyping or warning is appropriate until you’ve seen it. 🙂

    Either way, watching the show all the way through will help a lot when you get to the last season, as that one is filled to the brim with references both obvious and obscure to previous seasons.


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