Poll: How Can We Please You?

As you know my publishing company Endever has just released two books in ebook form. One, a teen romance novel about a girl who falls in love with a guy after he dies. (You can check it out here.) The other, a mainstream novel about the Angel of Death, named Dee, who’s got an attitude and a playlist to match, always on the lookout for the next victim of an accident or crime to take into the great beyond. (You can check that one out here.)


They’re both up on Amazon. I want to thank each of you who has bought our books and hope that you will write an review of them and pass them along to your friends and family. But to those who have not purchased your own copies, I’d like to politely ask why. I’m not mad. I’m just curious.

As the owner of Endever, I sincerely want to know what will catch your attention. What will it take to get your support, for you to purchase our books? I’ve created a poll for you to participate in if you would like to provide feedback.

I provide feedback to my employers all the time and they kind of get annoyed by me. I’m not that employer. I genuinely want to know how to grab your attention. So if you have not purchased our books from Amazon yet, please tell me below, either utilizing the poll tool or via a comment in the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Poll: How Can We Please You?

  1. I did the poll and wanted to add that I usually get books from the library but for ones I buy, I put them on an Amazon wish list then wait until they drop to under $3. Most books drop to under $3 randomly for short periods of time so I just check in periodically.


    1. Nothing wrong with paying full price for a book, especially if it’s from an independent publisher looking to get their work out in the world. I bought the eBooks (when they were on sale, as it happened), but I’m really waiting to get my grubby hands on the physical copies.


      1. I actually never thought I’d get into ebooks/e-readers but now I love them. I wouldn’t mind paying full price for a book every now and then but I have read 50 books so far this year… the library & books on sale have helped me save a lot of money!


  2. The poll is a good idea. I read (and write, since I’m an author) mostly Christian content. All my books are clean reads, and I know that through Jesus, after a person dies – he or she goes straight to Heaven. Thus people falling in love with those who have already died, or an angel of death are books that don’t move me. But good luck with your publishing company. I’m just one. There are thousands of other potential readers out there.

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  3. I’ve definitely been trying to get These Great Affects out there, by it’s difficult without it being on Goodreads for the target market it’s aimed at…


  4. I have several reasons. My Kindle messed up and, while I can read the books, it will no longer let me buy any. My husband orders books for me on Amazon, but I haven’t given him my Christmas wish list yet. I believe in supporting the ‘little guy’ and new authors. I’m hoping there will be a lot who’d like to support me when my next book is ready. Like Stephanie, I’m a Christian and prefer to read clean books; however, I’m not adverse to reading some supernatural because I find it an interesting concept. Like a lot of others my money is tight, but I like to splurge for a book now and then. None of that helps your business or the new authors, but I’ll be getting one of your books in the new year.


  5. I haven’t bought yet because my mom hinted that she would be getting them for me for Christmas. If she doesn’t, I know I’ll be putting my Christmas gift money into your pocket! Wouldn’t miss out on having these for anything!


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