In Anticipation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


I was warm for Star Wars growing up. I hadn’t been introduced to the far away galaxy until I was in middle school when theaters around the world re-released the original trilogy in anticipation of the newer films.

I liked them, but I never really loved them. In fact, I always thought, even in middle school, that all the humans were really bad actors, except of course, for Han Solo (queue any songs about a possible man-crush).

Don’t get me wrong. I liked Star Wars. A lot. I just never got around to reading the endless spin-off novels or collected the C-3PO Pez dispensers or dress up as a storm trooper and go to comic cons (I did get the soundtrack, though).

But then my whole mindset was changed nearly a year ago with the release of The Force Awakens. That movie made me a die-hard Star Wars fan. That movie was like the answer to an impossible riddle. It was like the mayonnaise on my sandwich, the ice in my tea on a hot day, it was enough to make me join the fictitious resistance, as it were.

And now, judging by the trailers and poster of the newest (albeit unofficial) Star Wars installment, we’re in for another treat this year.

Personally, I love that the Star Wars universe is bringing in lead female protagonists. That’s because I have a daughter and I’m glad she can now be emotionally invested in the movies for upcoming family Star Wars nights. Rey is a great role model for my little girl as I’m sure Jyn will be just as kick-ass.


And can we please give a huge applause to Disney for getting the galactic saga back on track with the original 70’s look? I swear the first second I saw they were doing that last year, that got me hyped up just like the Cars 3 trailer took me  (and the rest of the wordl) from eh to HOLY CRAP FREAKIN’ YES I CAN’T WAIT!!!

(Seriously, whoever’s doing the marketing at Disney/Pixar/Lucas Films needs to run for president because they clearly know how to do their job extremely well.)

So who’s excited about this unofficial Star Wars installment? What are you most excited about? Who loved The Force Awakens as much as I did? Also, to address a small point of contention between almost every couple in America, what’s a good age to start showing Star Wars to your kids?

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29 thoughts on “In Anticipation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  1. I loved watching the original Star Wars films as a kid. I had a couple action figures, lots of Lego sets, and read a few books (not novels, though). The Force Awakens was much better than I expected, and I look forward to the next film.


  2. I saw the original on first release but gave up on the whole thing after the execrable ‘Revenge of the Jedi’. Last year’s remake (same plot as the original) redeemed the franchise as far as I am concerned. It’ll be interesting to check out Rogue 1.


      1. It was the cutesy factor of the ewoks coupled with the saccharine schmaltz of the ending where they all played happy families that got me. Such a let down after ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ which I always think was by far the best of all the SW movies.


  3. I got my son hooked on Star Wars at 4. He’s even so much of a nerd like me that he knows all the obscure characters like Muftak and Droopy McCool. Never too young!


  4. It is great that they are adding strong female protagonists (I could go on and on about that). We’ve tried to get my niece (8) and nephew (4) to watch star wars. We started with the original trilogy but they never got into it. However, when the force awakens came out, my niece actually looked forward to it. She’s like me, we liked the robots more (her, bb-8 and I, R2D2).
    So, really I guess it depends on the kid. But we are really looking forward to Rouge 1!


    1. Our two year old daughter is obsessed with BB-8 and she’s never laid eyes on a Star Wars movie. But I’m glad she’s already liking the little bit that she’s seen!

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  5. I’m thoroughly obsessed. I didn’t grow up with it but my husband quickly introduced me when we were dating and I’ve been hooked ever since. Rogue One comes out right near my birthday so that’s my birthday date request. I’m a cool wife like that. Our four year old has been insane for Star Wars ever since she started talking. We think she’s still too young for the original movies but she absolutely loves watching the Clone Wars tv shows. She told me she needs a new lightsaber for Christmas. (Though, she keeps asking for a red one. I find her lack of interest for the light side disturbing.)


  6. The Ewoks turned me off on the series after the first two were great, but then the three prequels, which I saw but hated. I loved the Force Awakens – can’t wait to see Rogue One! We’re seeing it on Christmas Eve.


  7. I wouldn’t force Star Wars down a kids throat. Granted that’s what my dad did, and I ended up liking the series, but my daughter hates it and I’m not going to force her to think otherwise.


    1. Oh, I’d never do that with anything. I’m just glad the opportunity’s there for her to find enjoyment in the franchise. (They do love playing with the light sabers, though.)


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