Top 10 Good Things that Have Come from the Shutdown

There’s two sides of every coin, lest we take the bad without the good. That’s why I’m listing the top ten things that we got from the shutdown from March to May.

10. Some time off

Admittedly not everyone got furloughed or let go due to the coronavirus, but many millions of people did. So let’s be honest, as scary as it is to be jobless, we’ve been saying that a little time off would help with our morale, right?

9. Lots of free money

Sometimes it pays to not make bank on our paychecks. And in early 2020, the government sliced out piece of the pie to give to each household whether we needed it or not (not that I’m complaining). My unprofessional advice? Hold off on that big screen TV until after you pay your taxes next year.

8. “SGN”

Formerly and always known as Jim Halpert, The Office cast favorite and A Quiet Place director decided to start a YouTube channel called SGN (Some Good News), where he acts as your friendly neighborhood news anchor delivering all things good, lots of laughs, and often many tears. Good tears, of course. (Damnit, Jim!)

7. A wake-up call to big businesses

Employees of big companies have been saying for several decades that people can and should work from home. It would cut back on pollution, bad morale, tardies, office drama, and (most importantly to the CEO’s) overhead. Duh. (Hello, McFly!!) Now companies like Twitter are allowing their workers to do their work from home where many can save money on daycare and keep the dogs well fed and taken care of. Accountants are going to love seeing what those overhead savings will add up to.

6. Clearer skies and clearer waters

Speaking of less traffic, that’s already lead to less pollution, less smog, and maybe less cancer. I’m no tree-hugger, but I love a blue sky and clear waters as much as the next guy.

5. An abundance of Tiger King memes

I wonder, if the coronavirus hadn’t hit when it did, if The Tiger King would even become as big a thing as it did. And for that, I’m truly grateful. We all are. The internet told us to watch it, and we did, and we loved every stupid, ridiculous, unbelievable second of it. And we certainly can’t get enough of the memes and the terribly inhumane knocks against Carol Baskins and Joe Exotic.

4. Local dining

The bad thing about this shutdown, and really the most tragic thing, is that many mom and pop shops and local favorites have closed their doors permanently. So as a couple who support hard-working small businesses and free enterprise, we have finally tried out several wonderful little restaurants in town that we’ve put off doing for years, and the experience has been great! We hope to keep going to these places when this is all over. (Thanks, Momma’s and Jake & Elwood’s!!)

3. Time with our kids

Unless you’ve got an office at home with a lock on the inside, you can’t get around spending too much time with the kiddos. For us, some days that’s good, and some days that’s not so good. But one thing’s for sure, our kids won’t look back on this year and say we didn’t spend enough time with them.

2. Discovering new hobbies

My wife and I started a YouTube channel for kicks, just to pass the time during this lockdown. We’ve also gotten really into puzzles and trivia games. What kinds of hobbies have you taken up since being on lockdown?

1. Opportunities to acknowledge our heroes

Healthcare workers and retail employees have always been our unsung heroes, but now is the opportune for us to really show them that we care and appreciate their hard work and service to our communities. Be sure to say thank you and be extra kind and generous to them as they continue to spin the globe for our use.

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Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

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