The Underneath Part 2

The second part of “The Underneath” is posted. Enjoy! Please be advised the the below portion is just a portion. To read the full segment, go to Endever’s blog. “Attention, attention,” the principal starts. Not surprisingly it takes everyone at least six minutes to actually give their full attention. Teachers from all over the room scrambleContinue reading “The Underneath Part 2”

Author Spotlight: Steph Collins

Happy weekend everyone. We over at Endever have been hard at work accepting submissions from writers, poring over sample artwork from artists, and getting really excited about what’s in store for our publishing company. Lynn has been putting together author spotlights for those we’ve chosen to come onboard with us, and though this was postedContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Steph Collins”

The Birth of Something Amazing

February 3rd. This is a good day for so many reasons. One being that today is Pixar’s 30th anniversary!!  My partners at my publishing studio, Endever, decided last week on our first book production! It’s going to be the YA novel I recently wrote about a girl who falls in love with a boy after he dies.Continue reading “The Birth of Something Amazing”

Why I’ve Decided to Stop Hating My Day Job

If you’re reading this you probably feel trapped in the monotonous hell of a 9-5. And every day is the worst day of your life. Saturdays are bad because you’re still trying to unwind from the stress of Monday-Friday and Sundays are worse because you’re dreading the next Monday-Friday steamroller. I know this feeling well.Continue reading “Why I’ve Decided to Stop Hating My Day Job”

Can I Really Write a 500-Word Story??

Submissions are starting to roll in slowly but surely for our writing contest. Remember, the winner will win $150 plus publication perks. (The deadline is February 25, so don’t waste too much time!) Maybe you’re wanting to submit, and you have a good idea for a story, but you’re just having a hard time figuring out how toContinue reading “Can I Really Write a 500-Word Story??”

BIG Changes Ahead for Adopting James

Adopting James will be changing ownership soon. I don’t know to whom yet. You’ll notice that I’ve been writing more about writing than about foster care and adoption lately. That’s because, even though I’m still an advocate for adoption and foster care, I am setting my social media laser more on my new publishing companyContinue reading “BIG Changes Ahead for Adopting James”

Is the Foster Care System Perfect?

Sarabeth and I were extremely lucky with our daughter when she was our foster daughter. (The picture is her at the zoo a few months ago.) Other than the tedious waiting, everything went smoothly from the day we brought her home from the hospital to the day we brought her to the courthouse to signContinue reading “Is the Foster Care System Perfect?”