First Draft of My YA Novel Completed

First off, thank you SO much to those of you who posted questions about writing on yesterday’s post. I will be addressing each one of your questions in subsequent posts. Yesterday at around 3:00 EST I sat in a Starbucks by my house and tears flowed down my face. My earbuds were plugged into my earsContinue reading “First Draft of My YA Novel Completed”

On Writing: ASK AWAY!!

Most of my readers, from what I can tell, are writers or aspiring writers. Bloggers, columnists, authors, poets, storytellers, dreamers… And we all have so many questions! How do you complete projects? How should you publish your book? What the heck’s wrong with all these literary agents rejecting every single one of your brilliant ideas??? Sure, you could Google theseContinue reading “On Writing: ASK AWAY!!”

Why Every Movie Theater Needs A Storm Trooper

While the highly anticipated new Star Wars installment is preparing its thrusters to hit every movie theater in America in a couple of weeks, I think, and I hope, movie theaters are taking proper precautions. (Disclaimer: I knew it was a mistake releasing Star Wars merchandise as early as they did, and not surprisingly, Black Friday sales suffered drastically this year.Continue reading “Why Every Movie Theater Needs A Storm Trooper”

Why I Took My One-Year-Old to See “The Good Dinosaur”

(The Picture above is dark for a reason. Since our little guy isn’t adopted yet, posting pictures of him is generally frowned upon. Good thing most babies look alike from the nose up.) I took my one-year-old to a matinee showing of The Good Dinosaur today. Some people would say that’s too young to take a kidContinue reading “Why I Took My One-Year-Old to See “The Good Dinosaur””

Food For Thought on Next Year’s Elections and Income Equality

The election year is going to be fierce and brutal, and the fight’s already begun. People have taken sides, but many are still on the fence. In my opinion “income equality” is possibly the worst topic to even be brought up for any reason. At my job, I constantly hear clients and customers complain thatContinue reading “Food For Thought on Next Year’s Elections and Income Equality”

Book Announcement: “Profit Over Patients” is a Story That Will Change Your Life

Until now, I have never disclosed to the public something very personal. When I was just a few weeks old, I underwent open-heart surgery. This was back when the procedure was still fairly new, but apparently it worked, because I’m still here! While most people never get to ride in a helicopter, I got to whenContinue reading “Book Announcement: “Profit Over Patients” is a Story That Will Change Your Life”

When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

I apologize for not posting anything for a while. I’m currently working on one of the most difficult projects of my writing career. Keep checking back in the next several days and you’ll be hearing all about it. I can almost guarantee it will affect you directly. But even for those of us who have a deep-seatedContinue reading “When You Don’t Feel Like Writing”