Baby A. is Officially Ours

It finally happened. It’s a done deal. If I had pixie dust and only needed to think up a happy thought to fly, today would by my happy thought. Today, Sarabeth and I took our foster daughter to the courthouse one last time to solemnly swear to be Baby A.’s legal and official parents forever.Continue reading “Baby A. is Officially Ours”

My Daughter’s Life Will Change In Just Two Days

…As will mine. It’s hard to believe we’ve had Baby A. for a year and a half! Since she arrived in our home from the hospital, the house has been louder, more joyful, filled with laughs, and it’s been much, much messier! Sure, there’s been some bad days where my temper has gotten the betterContinue reading “My Daughter’s Life Will Change In Just Two Days”

Adoption Update (Enter A Hundred Exclamation Points Here)

I’m sitting at work on the phone with a customer and, just now, I get a text from Sarabeth: “Adoption Date!!!!!!!!! July 22 @ 9:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, friends. After having Baby A. be a part of our home for the last 548 wonderful days, she will now officially be recognized as a Toy by the stateContinue reading “Adoption Update (Enter A Hundred Exclamation Points Here)”

Adoption Update

Good news. Extraordinary news. Incredible, exciting, jubilant, fantastic, exquisite news! We had out first adoption social worker visit last week. Not a foster care social worker, but an ADOPTION worker. We have now officially begun the process of adopting Baby A.!! (The real name of which we’ll reveal at the time of adoption.) At seventeenContinue reading “Adoption Update”

Spielberg Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

I’m sure that every person in America over fifteen has seen at least one Steven Spielberg movie. With Jurassic World coming out next month, we’re all reminded of one the director’s greatest cinematic achievements. Even though the fourth part of the franchise isn’t directed by our beloved Spielberg, I thought it would be fun to takeContinue reading “Spielberg Movies Ranked From Worst to Best”

Inside Out Early Reviews!

If you know me, you know I’m freakishly, uncontrollably, unfathomably, impossibly, unquestionably, super excited about Pixar’s newest movie coming out this summer! (Let’s add a few more exclamation points for emphasis… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Especially after coming out of the Dark Age of 2014, being completely absent of any movie from the greatest movie studio in theContinue reading “Inside Out Early Reviews!”