My Secret Love Affair

You don’t get many options in life, but with books, the options are nearly endless and the pleasures never get old. No matter what demons or challenges I’m facing in my own life I can choose out of millions of characters with whom I want to share my cares and woes. And to celebrate with! Even when I’m at my lowest ofContinue reading “My Secret Love Affair”

What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?

As an author and soon-to-be publisher, I’ve been wrestling with this a couple of months. I began looking at some of the greatest stories of all time, both books and movies, and I’ve asked myself, what makes them great? And to take it a step further, “What do they all have in common?” Surely there’sContinue reading “What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?”


Do you want your name (and/or blog) published in a book? A chance for a video of you to be posted for thousands to see? Bragging rights to be the first to read possibly the next big teen book to hit Kindles all over campus? Here’s the rub. In several weeks I’ll be completing my newContinue reading “ATTENTION ALL TEENS AND TEACHERS!”

A Letter to My Readers

A few weeks ago I announced my next book, Profit Over Patients.  It’s the powerful true story about a man who grew up in poverty and beat the odds to spend his life doing what he loved to do – treating patients in his own medical clinic. He and his wife had three beautiful children, andContinue reading “A Letter to My Readers”

The John Grisham Challenge: The Pelican Brief

I’ve just finished the third book in the John Grisham lineup as part of my #JohnGrishamChallenge, and holy crap, what a wild ride! The Pelican Brief is one of those books where I (brace yourself for the cliche) literally “couldn’t put it down!” It’s a cat-and-mouse chase through and through, and the victims of the murdersContinue reading “The John Grisham Challenge: The Pelican Brief”