Cover Design Artists, Apply Here!

Endever Publishing Studios, LLC is making tremendous headway toward our first book releases. First off, I cannot thank all of you enough who submitted your manuscripts and/or book ideas. I’m amazed at how many awesome ideas there are out there! And feel free to keep ’em coming. My company has some wonderful news I’ll be sharingContinue reading “Cover Design Artists, Apply Here!”

Review A YA Novel: “These Great Affects”

“You know when you’re fifteen, you’re at that awkward stage where your parents still think you’re a kid and it seems like they’re prohibiting you from crossing over into adulthood? That was a terrible age. And it was an even worse age for me than others because that was the year I killed my first love.Continue reading “Review A YA Novel: “These Great Affects””

The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm

I read John Grisham’s The Firm back in high school for class. For an assigned book, I remember being pretty impressed. But as a high schooler, I didn’t allow myself to fully accept how awesome an assigned book could be. Having just read it again as an adult as part of the Grisham Challenge, I’ve gotContinue reading “The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm”

Why Books Are (Almost) Always Better Than the Movie

It’s not uncommon to go watch a movie and be completely disappointed by the outcome, especially when it’s a movie based off of a book that you love. Only once in a blue moon will the movie be better than the movie (Forest Gump) or the movie will not completely change key points in theContinue reading “Why Books Are (Almost) Always Better Than the Movie”