Cable Company Games

I just finished up a stint working for Time Warner Cable. Pretty soon, you’ll know them as Spectrum. Here’s a little background on that merger, and if you have Time Warner, the pieces will fall together, explaining why your bills have taken such drastic jumps, why your cable keeps cutting out for no logical reason, yourContinue reading “Cable Company Games”

Endever and Contest Updates

Endever Update! Things have been quiet on the social media front in our neck of the woods, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy behind the scenes! First off, if you’re still interested in submitting to our current writing contest, there’s still time! There were a lot of people who wanted to enter butContinue reading “Endever and Contest Updates”

Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

I am proud to announce that Endever Publishing Studios is now a registered business with the state of Kentucky! So we are now officially Endever Publishing Studios, LLC That’s a nice sound. And it’s because of all of you who submitted your short stories for our writing contest last month. Thank you so much. Don’tContinue reading “Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions”

One of the Greatest Companies in the World

There is a book I’d like to write about one of the greatest businesses in the world, and I’d like to eventually publish it under Endever’s name. Thing is, it’ll take a few years to write, and the time expense will be big. So I’m throwing the mock-introduction out there to you readers to seeContinue reading “One of the Greatest Companies in the World”

What Endever Is Up To

Our first writing contest is completed and we are fortunate enough to have earned enough money to register Endever Publishing Studios as a business with the state of Kentucky! We cannot thank you all enough for your support and your submissions and we look forward to posting the three finalists this Sunday for everyone to vote on.Continue reading “What Endever Is Up To”

Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios”

There are only 7 days left; the deadline to get your 500-word story in is February 25th. The cost is $10 and three finalists will have their stories published on this blog, and the winner will win $150, plus first dibs on publishing a short story with Endever. Click here for more details. Several weeks agoContinue reading “Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios””

Writers! Fifteen Days Left to Win $150

Time’s ticking. We want to make sure everyone knows to get their 500-word short stories in by February 25th to not only win $150, but to get published. Here’s how it works and what this is for… (if you already know the details, save yourself some time and go ahead and reblog this or share thisContinue reading “Writers! Fifteen Days Left to Win $150”