“Duet” by Renowned Disney Animator Glen Keane

This video, running at three minutes and forty-two seconds has become an internet sensation and has struck the heart of thousands – possibly millions – of people around the world. It’s a coming-of-age animated short that brings us back, briefly, to our cherished pasts of hand-drawn animation – but with a twist. I’ve pasted theContinue reading ““Duet” by Renowned Disney Animator Glen Keane”

Resolve the Impossible

Every year we make the same old resolutions then wonder why we fail to keep them. I wonder if we don’t keep these resolutions because they’re not good enough. Usually our resolutions aren’t made in order to change our lives – they’re made in order to accommodate our lifestyle, and let’s face it, not many ofContinue reading “Resolve the Impossible”

Last Minute Gift For Every Adult You Know

My wife struck the jackpot on my birthday last month. She got me two books that, having read them, have gone on my all-time favorites list. These two books belong under every tree this Christmas. Read my review of The Reading Promise here.  The second one, Creativity, Inc., caught my eye in a Barnes and Noble earlier this year.Continue reading “Last Minute Gift For Every Adult You Know”

Why Booksellers and Publishers Shouldn’t Target Audiences

As an author, when you submit your book proposal or final manuscript to a publisher one of the first questions you are asked is: “What is your target audience?” This seems to me to be backwards, and I hope one day the flaw in this scheme is realized by publishers and agents before it’s too late.Continue reading “Why Booksellers and Publishers Shouldn’t Target Audiences”

Happy Birthday Mr. Disney

It’s appropriate, I think, that Uncle Walt was born in and died in the month of December. Because in a way, he’s sort of our real-life Santa Claus. He’s made millions of people smile and laugh, spanning the continents and generations. Some of the best Christmas presents many of us received as kids were thoseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mr. Disney”

APP Developers Needed

History is funny. Different ways to use fire. So many uses for cotton. Thomas Edison and his bright ideas. Steel. Want some? It’s a steal! Coal. Cool. You PC? iMac. And now we’re all scrambling to come out with the next best app since Angry Birds. I’m no different. I’m in talks with a contractContinue reading “APP Developers Needed”

Delivering to Designing: A Close Look at Enrich Design, a Graphic Arts Company

Last Christmas I was doing a delivery run in a terrible snow storm … I was greeted by the warm smile of a woman who must have been at least 150 years old. “How are you?” she asked … “I’m excited for my shift to end so I can go home and see my son.Continue reading “Delivering to Designing: A Close Look at Enrich Design, a Graphic Arts Company”