Why We Don’t Tell Our Kids They Can be Anything They Want

It’s preached everywhere: “Believe, and it will happen.” “Trust and you will find.” “Try and you will succeed.” “You can be anything you want to be and more.” Once you get to a certain age you realize that’s all crap. Because, you know, when I was little, I believed I’d be an astronaut and goContinue reading “Why We Don’t Tell Our Kids They Can be Anything They Want”

Let’s Resolve for a Better 2018 (Yes, 2018)

I think I know why New Year’s resolutions don’t work. It’s because we expect change to be immediate.Like, we plan to lose thirty pounds next year. That’s great, but we’re just now coming out of a candy-crusted, cookie-frosted, eggnog-chugging month. Guys. We can’t go from heavy creamed-based mashed potatoes to carrot juice and Power barsContinue reading “Let’s Resolve for a Better 2018 (Yes, 2018)”

Who’s Your TV Daddy?

Alan Thicke’s passing leaves many of us reminiscing back to calmer, gentler evenings where the family gathered around the TV every night to watch the next installment of their favorite sitcom. And for many families that sitcom was Growing Pains.  I wasn’t as invested in the show as I was others, but I can still hear snapshots of Dr.Continue reading “Who’s Your TV Daddy?”

December Isn’t the Only Time We Lie to Our Kids

Christmas. The time of discounts and icy roads and beautiful…lies. For us storytellers and pathological liars, December is the time of year where we have a free pass to lie to our families. We can lie to our spouses. “I’m going out to fill the car up.” But we’re really hopping over to Target toContinue reading “December Isn’t the Only Time We Lie to Our Kids”

Breaking the Adult Shell

I marvel at how open kids can be. My two-year-old son, for instance, will just go up to anyone at the park and hug them. The awkwardness never simmers. And my almost three-year-old daughter will become best friends with anyone that has hair the same length as her and smiles. When you’re a parent, youContinue reading “Breaking the Adult Shell”

A Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving Poem

This Thanksgiving falls sixteen days after the presidential nomination. Some rejoice the results while others bemoan the abomination.   Verbal shots will be taken and friends will fall prey to the slander and abuse that will take place on this day.   No longer will just the blood of turkeys be spilled but those of our family and friendsContinue reading “A Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving Poem”