What I Learned From Michael Scott

On March 25, 2005, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, and the cast of Friends stepped out of sight of adoring fans to make room for the newest addition of what would become a multi-Emmy-winning sitcom, unlike any the United States had ever seen before. And it would continue for nine years, taking its final bow on May 15,Continue reading “What I Learned From Michael Scott”

Life of Pi: To Read or to Watch … That’s the Question, Isn’t it?

Sarabeth and I sat down to watch Life of Pi less than an hour after I finished reading the book. Having read the book of course, I was extremely excited for the movie – and curious as to how it had maintained just a PG rating. I know some of my readers have yet to see theContinue reading “Life of Pi: To Read or to Watch … That’s the Question, Isn’t it?”

My Review of Lincoln

Think about it. There’s probably not a person over sixteen alive today living in America that hasn’t seen a Steven Spielberg movie. Unless they’re Amish. Or blind. Still. I always say, “We can all use a little more Spielberg in our lives.” Alright, alright, so he messed up with the snore-fest War Horse (I still don’t knowContinue reading “My Review of Lincoln”

Please Buy My Movies

This picture on your left, these are the movies we’re keeping. [A link to the ones we’re selling is at the bottom of this page. There are plenty to go around.] Let me rewind. I’ve always taken pride in my movie collections. This dates all the way back to VHS tapes when the Disney moviesContinue reading “Please Buy My Movies”

Our Full Potential

Sarabeth and I watched Adam Sandler’s Mr. Deeds last night. I (reluctantly) admit it’s one of the funnier movies in our small comedy collection. Watching it, I kept thinking, What happened, Adam? As goofy as his movies are, we actually enjoy a small handful of his older ones. Several years ago, he took a detour from his usualContinue reading “Our Full Potential”

A Brilliant and All-American Documentary

It’s snowing outside the coffee shop right now as I write this. March is just struggling to hang in there, and determined to go out leaving a legacy of the coldest March Louisville has seen in quite some time. (And yet, I still slurp on my ice-cold frappuccino because I couldn’t do a hot drink evenContinue reading “A Brilliant and All-American Documentary”

Always Wreckin’ It

Poor Ralph. He just wants to be one of the good guys for once. He’s tired of his big, clumsy fists, tired of always hurting people, tired of wrecking everything. Peter would have liked Ralph. Peter’s problem didn’t lie in his fists, but in his mouth. Always spouting off an irrational answer, making promises heContinue reading “Always Wreckin’ It”