Everything Episode VII Got Right

Just got out of a viewing of The Force Awakens. I was going to title this post “Everything Episode VII Got Wrong” and then leave the entire post blank, but I didn’t want people sitting at their computer pressing the reload button repeatedly. First off, Episode VII turned this mediocre Star Wars fan into a fanatic. Here’s everything J.J.Continue reading “Everything Episode VII Got Right”

A Love Letter to Pixar

Okay. This is a total geek-out post that I just can’t hold in any longer. After Inside Out totally and completely rocked my inner world and forced me to rearrange my mental furniture, I decided that Pixar Animation Studios had reached the peak of perfection. And suddenly, I didn’t care if they had another major success or not, because in myContinue reading “A Love Letter to Pixar”

My Review of the Disney Short Films Collection

As for many Disney fans, it was a delight to see that Disney was finally putting their short films together in one collection. We initially bought it to play in the car for the kids during our sixteen-hour drive to Florida we were supposed to take next week. But that trip got postponed because oneContinue reading “My Review of the Disney Short Films Collection”

What in the World is Wrong?

“Let’s give this a try – it’s got a great premise,” I said, as I pulled up our DVR recording. “And this is the movie American Sniper lost to?” Sarabeth asked. “Yeah. It better be one heck of a movie.” Needless to say, our expectations were set high for Birdman since it won best picture at the last AcademyContinue reading “What in the World is Wrong?”

Why Inside Out is the Perfect Father’s Day Movie

Alright, hopefully you’ve all seen Jurassic World by this point, because obviously, that’s the movie to take your dads to with there being dinosaurs and explosions and all that fun stuff. And the hype is true – it really is almost as good as the original! But if you’re looking for something else now that that’s over, you mightContinue reading “Why Inside Out is the Perfect Father’s Day Movie”

What to Expect From Pixar’s Inside Out (Spoiler Free)

I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Inside Out last night where the director and producer took us on a virtual tour of the Pixar studios (yes, Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 are actually happening). My strong desire to visit  Pixar in Emeryville, CA only deepened. The short film before the movie, Lava, was kind ofContinue reading “What to Expect From Pixar’s Inside Out (Spoiler Free)”