So You Want to Write Part 11 – How to AVOID Writer’s Block

Pages and pages of suggested cures and tips for overcoming writer’s block are easily accessible to the afflicted all across the Web. With a quick Google search there’s no end of  advice for overcoming the author’s worst enemy. (A good page I came across recently is on Jon Acuff’s page – he often gives sound advice.) But restContinue reading “So You Want to Write Part 11 – How to AVOID Writer’s Block”

Write “Mississippilessly”

Do you remember that scene in Friends where Ross keeps getting 2’s sprayed on his face in the tanning booth? It’s probably one of my favorite scenarios in the series. In the scene, Ross goes to a tanning salon where he is told to count to five after his front has been sprayed, then turn around soContinue reading “Write “Mississippilessly””

So You Wanna Write Part 10 – “Take That Step”

If you’ve ever been to church in your life, chances are you’ve seen this movie clip. It’s probably the most overused clip in all churches ever. And if it happens to be a church that doesn’t have a movie screen or projectors, then the youth pastor or the hip young intern has referenced the sceneContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 10 – “Take That Step””

A Little Treat For You Writers

I hope you’ll pardon my long absence from blogging. Baby A. and Sarabeth have been in Florida and my book editing has picked up steam. I’ve also been hard at work on my next book, a young readers historical novel about a dachshund named Oskar, living in Nazi-ruled Germany. Keep checking back for updates. InContinue reading “A Little Treat For You Writers”

So You Wanna Write Part Part 9 – The “M” Word

There is one thing, in all the world of writing that makes all writing possible. In fact, it makes nearly everything possible – but especially writing. It jolts things out of stagnation. It forces forward movement. It propels. It ignites. I’m talkin’ about a little thing called, “momentum.” Momentum is something every writer needs. WeContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part Part 9 – The “M” Word”

So You Wanna Write Part 8: Knowing When to Stop

  Ever read the Bone saga by Jeff Smith? You should no matter who you are. Years ago I was reading an article by Mr. Smith and he said something that changed my writing habits for life. He was talking about his writing process while developing Bone. He said something like, “You’ve just got to know when to stop andContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 8: Knowing When to Stop”

So You Wanna Write Part 7: That Opening Scene

That first click of the keyboard. That first scrawl of the pen. That first scene. You have an idea of what your story will be about. You know who your characters will be and you know what time period it will be set in and where it takes place. Heck, you may even have yourContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 7: That Opening Scene”