So You Wanna Write Part 5: What to Write

So we started this series off with a blinking cursor. We’ve learned that writing can be a chore, there’s a difference between writing and storytelling, we’ve figured out  why we want to write, and we’ve bragged to everyone we know that we’re gong to write a book. Only to be brought back to that blinking, tauntingContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 5: What to Write”

So You Wanna Write Part 4: Do This Before You Start Writing

So you’ve learned a few things so far. You’ve learned that writing is a chore, and not as much fun as storytelling (or vise versa). But since you lack the money or connections to get Hollywood to tell your stories, or you can’t draw comics, you’ve gotta write them down. You’ve decided whether you’re a storytellerContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 4: Do This Before You Start Writing”

So You Wanna Write Part 3: Why Write?

People write for many different reasons. Sure it’s romantic to say we’re all in it for the art or the love of the craft, but that’s just not so for most of us, not even for me. Now, you do have people like Katherine Rebekah who has a genuine love of writing and will likely carry onContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 3: Why Write?”

So You Wanna Write? Part 2: The Big Difference

I stated in my last post that I love storytelling but I hate writing. Think of it this way: I love my loft – it’s cathedral ceilings with floor-to-celing windows, its open living room and dining room – and I love living in it with my wife, daughter, and dachshunds. But ask me to buildContinue reading “So You Wanna Write? Part 2: The Big Difference”

So You Wanna Write? Part 1: Let’s Be Real

At the time of this writing the only difference between you and me is that I have one published book under my belt. That may sound like a world of difference to you, but it’s really not. All that means is that I’ve written more pages than you on one conclusive story, followed some adviceContinue reading “So You Wanna Write? Part 1: Let’s Be Real”

So You Wanna Write? (Introduction)

Writers, I’m sure you’ve been there. You wake up and you say, “Today I’m gonna write 15,000 words!” You jump out of bed, eat your Cocoa Puffs, switch on the computer, and ten minutes later when it finally powers on and the curser beckons you in a blank Word document, you blank out. Hmmm… maybeContinue reading “So You Wanna Write? (Introduction)”

Somewhere Between Realistic and Noteworthy

I edit many books throughout a given month. Some are from established publishers, and some are manuscripts from author hopefuls. Some are rather enjoyable and I can foresee the author making a good career out of writing. And others? Not so much. What’s the difference between the good and the bad? What separates the talentContinue reading “Somewhere Between Realistic and Noteworthy”