Dancing to Ideas

You writers and creative-types – you’ve been there. It’s a hellish place, for sure. A chasm of fear, doubt, agony, frustration… Idea-less. It’s worse than a writer’s block because with that, you can at least skip ahead. There’s nothing to skip ahead to if you’re idea-less. But take heart. Your idea is out there. You might feelContinue reading “Dancing to Ideas”

Motivation in Storytelling

When it comes to writing and developing characters, you need always to keep one thing in mind: motivation. Motivation is helpful in two fronts. Motivation: a) defines characters, and b) pushes the story along Think about it. In order for the beautiful harmonizing of a solid story and lovable characters to occur, several things mustContinue reading “Motivation in Storytelling”

The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive

As I’m working on my extended edition of The Man in the Box, I find myself going back to this list. It’s a list of Pixar’s 22 tips on how to tell a great story. I almost don’t want to share this because I’m greedy like that, but then I got to thinking: great stories inspireContinue reading “The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive”