Voters are Not Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Tomorrow’s a big day. It could quite possibly be the biggest election turnout in our country’s history, even after adjusting the numbers to accommodate the population growth.

We all have this idea that it’s us against the bad guys.

It took Jeremy Jahns’ review of The Mandalorian episode 1 to make me realize that it was a very timely episode. Two warring factions having to work together toward a common goal.

Don’t we, as Americans, have a common goal? I’ll admit that the answer gets harder and harder to answer every four years, but I think we all still want some of the same things. Like, most of us don’t want to see people killed or hurt – for any reason.

We don’t want to see another terrorist attack.

We want our children and our neighbors safe.

We want quality of life and equality for all.

And what about the basics: Don’t we all want to hear laughter from people instead of tears and shouts?

Isn’t it better to befriend a person of difference than to run with the same crowd chatting about the same things?

One of my favorite movie sequels is Catching Fire, the follow-up to Hunger Games. I love the part where all the tributes, who are supposed to be slaughtering each other, all grab hands and stand together before the Capital. It upsets the system. It stumbles the rulers.

Unity is the best revolution.

I’m not saying we all need to vote the same, or on the same day, even. But for God’s sake, we can at least stop hating each other so much.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard of people dumping friends because they support an opposing president. Like, is that what we’ve reduced our friends and family down to: the bubble you punch in a voting booth? There are still so many aspects to that person than who they vote for every four years.

And who’s to say you’re right?

Why can’t we all just accept the fact that we could actually be wrong? We could actually be watching the wrong news channel, getting the wrong information, believing the wrong things.

All we can do is vote and hope for the best.

I’m voting for Trump because we haven’t had a major terrorist attack, the economy has been incredible despite the pandemic, and quite frankly, if he were going to start WW-III, he would have done so by now.

Who’s to say things won’t get worse with someone else in office? That’s a chance I’d rather not take.

I don’t hate people for voting for Biden/Harris. Those people obviously don’t listen to the same podcasts I do. They also have different beliefs. But I do believe they want to see the world be a better place.

We’re just punching different bubbles to get there.

One Has to Go…

I ordered a delicious, cheesy, steamy pizza from Pizza Hut the other day, but learned that my pizza maker was voting differently from me. Despite my hunger, and how much I love Pizza Hut, I tossed the pizza uneaten, and I went to Little Cardboard, I mean, Caesar’s instead.

This is the mentality behind the whole Chris debacle that exploded on Twitter earlier this week where TV writer Amy Berg listed the four biggest Chris’s in 21st century Hollywood:

Twitter flocked to cancel out Pratt over the others. Why? Forget that he cracked us up as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec. Forget that he kicks ass as Star Lord in arguably Marvel’s best franchise. And despite what you think about the new Jurassic movies, you can’t deny that he helped bring a new life and energy to our favorite dino films.

None of that matters to many of these people. What matters, for some reason, is Pratt’s private life and his belief, and the fact that he apparently didn’t accompany his coworkers to a Biden fundraiser. (If my coworkers expected me to give up my weekend to raise money for a cause that already has millions of dollars to begin with, I wouldn’t go either, by the way.)

First off, if Biden needed the fictional Avengers to assemble on his behalf, then that’s on him and his campaign advisors.

Secondly, as a consumer of the product(s) Pratt sells, I expect two things only from him: to act far beyond my ability, and convince me that what I’m seeing on screen is real and entertaining.

99% of the of the people who act in and make the movies I love and cherish, can’t have further beliefs and political leanings from my own. But I still support the work they do if they deliver great products.

We unfortunately live in a time where politicians are no longer judged or elected in accordance to their policy or honesty, and celebrities are no longer celebrated in accordance to their talent. For some reason, people think that in order to accept and enjoy a person, that person must embody every belief they have and push every political agenda they’re pushing.

This is the same thing as cancelling out Rosanne Barr and other beloved celebrities because of their political leanings.

It’s good that we’re evolved enough as a society to ostracize the likes of Cosby and Weinstein, because what they committed were actual crimes, and those crimes were deplorable.

But we’re treating people Chris Pratt the same way.

I denounced my Christianity a while ago. But from where I’m sitting, watching society oust and punish people for their religious beliefs and political leanings, it’s making me take the Bible’s foretelling of this a little more seriously.

People, it seems, are no longer able to distinguish between drugging and raping women and voting for a Republican or believing in a religion that denounces and condemns the mistreatment of women.

Here’s who the Avengers are trying to avenge, btw:

It’s amazing how if Pratt had come out yelling about how abortion during the third trimester is awesome and amazing, he would be applauded. Why is our society so determined to make everyone into a robot who blindly follows the crowd and doesn’t dare have a different opinion or a challenging thing to say? Why is our society so afraid of anyone who’s different, like Pratt? Have we learned nothing from Frozen?

We’re Not Voting for a President This Year

John Adams despised his role as Vice President because he was mostly bored and really had nothing to do. He wouldn’t have that problem in today’s political setting. The vice presidency has turned into more of a fly-on-the-President’s-shoulder position. This was definitely apparent with Bush/Cheney.

If the 2016 election were about collectively voting against a candidate, this year’s theme, as I see it, is voting for the Vice President over the man running for the presidential seat. This is a race between Pence and Harris more than anything, and in that regard, both strategists have played it smart.

Whatever your thoughts on Trump’s policies, we can all agree that he is his own worst enemy. Basically anytime he opens his mouth, it’s stupid or arrogant, and even his supporters want him to shut up, or put his phone down. However, his running mate, Mike Pence, is a very well-polished, soft-spoken man with sense and decorum. The numbers and the track record speak clearly that Americans are better off financially than we were four years ago (to be fair, we’ve yet to see how that will hold up in 2121 in the wake of this pandemic). Unfortunately, electing Trump means we get four more years of the circus that is Trump’s Twitter, which, much to people’s surprise, can be unfollowed or muted in your feed.

And then there’s Biden. Old Joe. The democrats played it smart this year. They chose a man who Americans are familiar with, being associated with the warmth and charm of Obama (both qualities that Trump can’t be any further from). And for his running mate, he chose Kamala Harris, who’s not only a woman, but a minority (who has accused Biden of being a racist and once claimed to have believed Biden’s accusers of sexual assault). There are a lot of people who want to see a woman in office, no matter who it is (although, according to the results of 2016, not quite enough).

If Biden isn’t radical enough, Harris most certainly is. Not only will she be a voice in Joe’s ear through his presidency, but who knows if he’ll actually make it through his term without having to step down – with honor, of course – due to senility or some old-man sickness, and that’s how America will get her first female president.

If that happened, the arguments would henceforth be that she wasn’t officially elected into office, so it wouldn’t count (that’ll be a fun argument to endure for the rest of our lifetime). This isn’t an election between Dumb Trump or Old Joe, it’s an election between Soft Mike and Whiny Kamila.

Personally, I’m one of those who wishes we had better options, but we are where we are for so many reasons we brought upon ourselves. As a libertarian, I’m very clear on who I’m going to vote for because I’m more interested in the voice behind the face. I’m more interested in the ideals than the gender or color of skin being presented. That doesn’t mean anyone’s any better or worse for voting for someone based on their demographic – I just hope people are looking past the demographic and truly believe what that particular candidate claims to stand for.

SJW’s and Dems Win by Bullying

It’s humorous sometimes to watch my kids play. My daughter, the oldest, will often manipulate her brother into playing by her rules. He’ll question it with a quick “Why?”, but her reasonings are as shaky as you’d imagine a six-year-old’s reasonings to be. And then both of them are playing a game which makes absolutely no sense, with rules that either don’t apply to the game or are just so ridiculous that they’re clearly designed only for to win the game.

That’s how I feel on two political topics that are relevant today. I will discuss the first here and will save the second for my follow-up post.

The first one is the Academy’s recent decision to further qualify what will be considered for a best picture nomination. I know this is a couple of weeks old, and I was silent on it because quite frankly, most people with an iota of common sense don’t really care about what the Academy thinks is a good movie or not (these are the same people who think voting naked is somehow beneficial). But at the same time, those movies that do win the golden statue do stand out as cultural reflections in our history books, so though we don’t usually care about the big winners, they do give voice to our national identity down the line.

In case you don’t know, the Academy has made it so that movies must meet certain ethnical, racial, and social standards. You can check out the new rules here. So now, if filmmakers want to be included in this elite Academy, he or she must not only meet studio demands, budget limits, deadlines, personnel management, talent scouting, and so on, they also have this handy-dandy checklist that must be met. They have to ask themselves, Do I have enough women representation? Is at least one of my characters gay or bisexual? Are there Asians in my movie?

This isn’t a problem for me because I’m against any of these groups. It’s a problem for me because it further stifles creativity and the liberation art is meant to bring to the human soul. I understand that these rules only apply to those filmmakers trying to earn a best picture award, and that other filmmakers are still free to make what they want with whatever cast they want (except they will be forever hounded by social justice warriors on all social media platforms). But how is this not a very subtle form of bullying the way my daughter bullies my son into doing things her way “just because”?

If a movie happens to be about an “underrepresented” group, and it’s actually good, then by all means, lavish it with praise and little golden men. I’m sorely afraid that the people that make these decisions are no longer looking for quality, they’re simply looking for equality. And equality is extremely necessary in our daily lives, commerce, and social circles of every kind. But how many more alters do we need to slaughter creativity on? Saving Private Ryan, one of the most important and impactful films ever made would never have been made under these circumstances. And I’m sorry, but the last time I saw Parasite, last year’s best picture winner (which is a damn good movie, by the way), it did not check any of these boxes off – there were no blondes in the whole movie!

We complain about why movies aren’t as good as they used to be. That’s because Dead Poets Society wouldn’t survive in a culture like this. Oh, they’ll try to completely tear down and redo Ghostbusters with an all female cast, but look what good that did anybody – that movie was an embarrassment to people on both sides of the aisle and gender divide. And we complain that movies aren’t historically accurate – well, we’ll really be complaining when Winston Churchill is played by a Mexican lesbian in four years.

But here’s the thing. What these pushers of progress don’t realize is that they’re winning now, but they’re going to have it rubbed in their faces later. When Brokeback Mountain 2: Prairie Strokes wins best picture in 2025, the general audience won’t laud it for its artistic accomplishments or its superior storytelling – it will forever be said that it had to win because it happened to fit the narrow margin for what was allowed to be considered for the prestigious category. It will have won because of either a lack of competition or – more likely – because the rules were designed to make it win.

That’s not beating the odds or rising through obstacles. That’s having the world handed to you on a silver platter.

I’m not a republican, but even I can see that democrats and SJW’s are bullying people into their belief systems and their ideas of progress and making people believe that it’s all got to happen now.

A friend of mine suggested that these people only care about enacting change on paper but not changing people’s hearts. Meaning they don’t care if you blindly follow the rules even if you don’t understand them or agree with them, like my son playing along with my daughter, just as long as you march along and do what they say no matter what, no questions asked, and let them have their way.

And that is a dangerous place for us to be heading.

In the next post I’ll be discussing this a little further in regards to the election coming up. Please feel free to leave your opinions and comments below.

Looking for a Co-Host to Talk Movies

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