America: The Last Best Hope

Many of you know Dr. William J. Bennett from his radio talk show “Morning in America.” Others know him as a frequent political commentator on various networks. And others know him as an author. I know him best by the latter. I have read several books of his, most recently America: The Last Best Hope trilogy. VolumeContinue reading “America: The Last Best Hope”

The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive

As I’m working on my extended edition of The Man in the Box, I find myself going back to this list. It’s a list of Pixar’s 22 tips on how to tell a great story. I almost don’t want to share this because I’m greedy like that, but then I got to thinking: great stories inspireContinue reading “The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive”

Life of Pi: To Read or to Watch … That’s the Question, Isn’t it?

Sarabeth and I sat down to watch Life of Pi less than an hour after I finished reading the book. Having read the book of course, I was extremely excited for the movie – and curious as to how it had maintained just a PG rating. I know some of my readers have yet to see theContinue reading “Life of Pi: To Read or to Watch … That’s the Question, Isn’t it?”

For Whom the “Bell” Tolls: My Thoughts on Velvet Elvis – Part 2

For the first part of this review, click here. “Is the Bible the best God can do?” asks Bell. Apparently not, because he doesn’t seem to be sure God even wrote the Bible to begin with. He wonders if Corinthians, for example, is written by Paul or God or God through Paul or Paul through God. I wonder, as he’s standing at the pulpit on Sunday mornings preaching through 1 Timothy what he does with chapter 3 verse 16 (“All Scripture is inspired by God…”), but there’s really no reason for him to preach out of the Bible anyway, according to him.  “The Bible is open-ended,” he says. “We cannot simply do what it says,” because it first must be interpreted. Meaning, “Someone has toContinue reading “For Whom the “Bell” Tolls: My Thoughts on Velvet Elvis – Part 2″