Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

I am proud to announce that Endever Publishing Studios is now a registered business with the state of Kentucky! So we are now officially Endever Publishing Studios, LLC That’s a nice sound. And it’s because of all of you who submitted your short stories for our writing contest last month. Thank you so much. Don’tContinue reading “Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions”

Writing Contest: Your Favorite Fictional Couple

Homer and Marge, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ross and Rachel, Shrek and Fiona… These are all iconic fictional couples whom we are familiar with. We adore them, we love them. But what happens aftertheir “Happily ever after?” Do they stay in love? Do they have an unfortunate fallout? Does conflict disrupt their lives? Perhaps the threatContinue reading “Writing Contest: Your Favorite Fictional Couple”

Winner and Writing Contest #2 Announced!

A huge congratulations to Jared Johnson for winning Endever’s first writing contest with his short story, “Sunstalker of the Badlands.” As the winner, he has won $150 as well as an opportunity to write a short story to be featured in the front of one of Endever’s books. Again, thank you so much to everyoneContinue reading “Winner and Writing Contest #2 Announced!”

What Endever Is Up To

Our first writing contest is completed and we are fortunate enough to have earned enough money to register Endever Publishing Studios as a business with the state of Kentucky! We cannot thank you all enough for your support and your submissions and we look forward to posting the three finalists this Sunday for everyone to vote on.Continue reading “What Endever Is Up To”

Endever’s First Milestone!

Endever Publishing Studios, our brand new company, has the goal (among several others) of becoming a business while remaining debt-free from the get-go. We needed to raise at least $240 to register as a business with the state of Kentucky. As of midnight last night, over the last thirty days, we reigned in enough moneyContinue reading “Endever’s First Milestone!”

Just FIVE More Submissions – TODAY!

We have received numerous submissions for our writing contest, and we cannot thank you all enough for your support and your stories for us to consider as the grand prize winner of $150. Today is the last day to submit your 500-word fictional story so that Endever Publishing Studios will have enough to register asContinue reading “Just FIVE More Submissions – TODAY!”

What Endever Is Up To

Writers, a friendly reminder: Only one day left to submit your short-stories for a chance to win $150 and publishing opportunities. Endever Publishing Studios has been hard at work on several things from tightening up our business plan and sharpening up our first book production that we’re certain will be  a beloved first book inContinue reading “What Endever Is Up To”