5 Days Left to Win $150

Writers! Win $150 for writing a 500-word short story. Only requirements are that you’re 13 or older and that the story is fictional. The entry fee is only $10. This fee goes toward the prize for the winner as well as helping Endver Publishing Studios get off the ground. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Three finalists willContinue reading “5 Days Left to Win $150”

Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios”

There are only 7 days left; the deadline to get your 500-word story in is February 25th. The cost is $10 and three finalists will have their stories published on this blog, and the winner will win $150, plus first dibs on publishing a short story with Endever. Click here for more details. Several weeks agoContinue reading “Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios””

Writers: Jack Nicholson Lied to Us

You probably remember the movie As Good As it Gets, where Jack Nicholson’s character, Melvin Udall, is a racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-semetic, OCD, novelist. Personally, I love the movie. But there’s one thing in it that really irks me. The film continually cuts back to Melvin in his apartment sitting down at his computer and writing his umpteenthContinue reading “Writers: Jack Nicholson Lied to Us”

Ten Days Left! Don’t Miss Out

This is the shortest post you will likely see on this blog. Ready? There are only ten days left to submit your short story for a chance to win $150. Now I’m going to do that thing your bosses put on event memos because they think it’s hilarious and clever. (Me? I just think it’sContinue reading “Ten Days Left! Don’t Miss Out”

My Secret Love Affair

You don’t get many options in life, but with books, the options are nearly endless and the pleasures never get old. No matter what demons or challenges I’m facing in my own life I can choose out of millions of characters with whom I want to share my cares and woes. And to celebrate with! Even when I’m at my lowest ofContinue reading “My Secret Love Affair”

Why Help Build a Publishing Company?

Meet Joseph Neil Love, my third partner that forms the triangle of Endever’s founders and owners. Writers, you might related to this post quite a bit. Meet all three of us by clicking here. I’ve been pursuing writing since high school, when I won a county-wide writing contest (for the electric company, of all things).Continue reading “Why Help Build a Publishing Company?”